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Mazda 626 / MX-6 (from 1982 to 1991, the year of issue)

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Mazda 626 / MX-6
626 / MX-6
Operation of the vehicle
Adjustments and service tehnichkskoe
Gas Engines
Diesel engine
System of cooling, heating and air conditioning
The power supply system of petrol engines
Ignition system
The system of emission control
Suspension and steering
The device, service and repair later releases
maintenance and repair of cars of release since 1986

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Mounting wiring diagram and wiring layout consumers engines without turbocharger and turbocharged engines are shown in Schemes 1 and 2.

Legend Wire colors:
..... In Black
Br ..... Brown
G ..... Green
L ..... blue
Lb ..... light blue
Lg ..... light green
About Orange .....
Red R .....
Y ..... yellow
W ..... white

The letters in brackets after the designation of the color - is the code of the harness and not the color code.

Symbols in the wiring diagram:
1 Battery
2 The main fuse
3 Control unit EGI
4 Main Relay ?1
5 Ignition switch
(1) Disabled
(2) Accessories
(3) The ignition is ON
(4) The starter
6 Main Relay ?2
7 EGR solenoid
8 Nozzles
9 oxygen sensors
10 motor radiator fan
11 Connector
12 Relay radiator fan
13 Condenser
14 Ignition coil
15 Relay open circuit
16 Temperature sensor
17 Switch
18 Fuel Pump
19 Air Valve
20 Diagnostic connector
21 Coolant Temperature Sensor
22 purge solenoid
23 Valve PRC
24 Switch on the clutch pedal
25 Switch the power steering system
26 Switch indicator of inclusion of 5th transfer
27 Airflow Meter
28 Atmospheric pressure sensor
29 Throttle Position Sensor
30 Solenoid valve air bypass channel
31 Sensor neutral gear
32 Power Relay
33 Knock Sensor
34 Distributor
35 controller detonation
36 Pressure Sensor
37 EGR sensor

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