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A trip to the STO

Sooner or later in the life of every motorist there comes a time when for skilled and technically complex repairs should contact the center (see. Table. 4.1).
By visiting service centers need to prepare. Wash the car, especially in places carefully planned repair. Take away from it all superfluous. Turn off the alarm and turn away the secret bolts, putting them in a prominent place. Cover the old seat covers, clean cloth or polyethylene. Some drivers left in a prominent place the bottle of mineral water, thereby showing respect for the people who will be engaged in your car. Try in every way to facilitate future work. If the machine has an additional electrical equipment (electric windows, additions to the ignition system, etc.), leave schemes or warn of their presence.
Get ready to clearly describe the damage that must be repaired, and ask when you test the nodes that can be repaired. Do not put the diagnosis themselves, much less let categorical recommendations. If, for example, say, "Pull the timing belt", you simply stretched and destroyed in a few days tension roller bearings and fail, for example, the whole cylinder head. Ask the master of listening to the engine (see suspension) and decide together which parts must always be replaced, and what - to repair. Agree on a list of replaceable items and stipulate who their purchases. If the service accepts responsibility for the quality of parts (particularly complex ones), it is better to entrust their purchase of it, even if it is somewhat increase the cost of repairs. When buying items for yourself, choose the best of what is available. Do not skimp on the little things - nuts, pistons, covers, "gum" and of all disposable parts. Their replacement not only increases the quality of repair, but also greatly simplifies it, and simultaneously uplifting those who mends itself. If you have no idea how to solve this or that fault, not too lazy to open the instruction manual or the repair and at least in general terms, to grasp the essence of the matter. This will add to your credibility in the eyes of mechanics, make it work more carefully, and will allow you to monitor the progress of work. If you have the ability and desire, be present in the repair, or at least regularly inquired about his progress. In the process, there are many small problems: do not do, I do not change. It is better if they are solved at once. Furthermore, defects are revealed, which will then be very difficult to remove, but in reality - possible. For example, when changing the wing or back, open rust ugly picture of the surrounding elements (the machines, previously subjected to body repair), it is easy to fix on the go, but you need to agree with the customer, as it requires additional expenses on his part. Watch the work gently, do not stand over the soul. Search and elimination of many "individual" problems going through trial and error, and no one wants anyone to see that he is mistaken. At the same time, be prepared to answer questions or explain something to master. Besides, once you know which oil is poured into the engine and a wax used in the processing of the body.
Quality of work, try to control the stages. Small body defect, not specified in the initial calculation is much easier to remove the soil than after painting.
Say at once the warranty period, the procedure for filing claims. Especially a lot of questions arise for the quality of painting. For example, the Standard allows for this type of work easy shagreen, the presence of shallow Dirt, but does not allow drips of paint. Our advice - do not require a very smooth surface. It's easy to get by putting a thin layer of paint. Also in this case there will be sagging, while a light orange peel indicating a thick layer can zapolirovat, and the presence of even a small drip inconspicuous area will significantly reduce the cost of operation.
Nothing is forever, but you probably do not want, if, say, paint oblezet immediately upon the expiration of the warranty to you. It would be better if you buy yourself (in consultation with those who will work) consumables and some specific tools that may not be in the studio average. For example, if your car ever used a silicone polish, buy special tools for removal. Some polishes containing Teflon, do not remove anything, so you need to remove all the paint special stripper. Anti-corrosion primers purchase only the best quality, preferably two-component epoxy, about which we know that they are in satisfactory salt spray test.
Referring to the studio for the first time, think about the fact that a visit here is likely to be the last. Therefore, make sure that the next repair mechanics delivered less discomfort: ask the masters to the final assembly process and other threaded connections with silicone grease. Her as a universal penetrating fluid (such as WD-40), it is always better to keep in the trunk.
Do not trade after you have called the final price, but first ask for a detailed calculation of certain types of work. Here it makes sense to discuss in more detail in order to eliminate double payment for the same work. So, if you want to replace the brake pads and the brake cylinder, can not automatically summarize the prices for these works as a replacement of the cylinder has to be removed and the wheel, such as a brake drum.
When conducting a large, technically complex and costly repairs offered to sign a written contract. The contract for the repair shall be specified the procedure for filing claims and the warranty period for the operation. The conditions must comply with regulation to the "Rules of the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles", approved by the RF Government Decree of April 11th, 2001 ?290, and does not conflict with Art. 730-739 of the Civil Code on domestic row. All this should be in the hands of the client with a copy of the order or invoice. Do not forget to specify the number of the license or certificate of registration indicating the exact address of the legal service center.
When low-quality repair company can file a claim in accordance with the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights. If the warranty period is not specified, the claim in writing, shall be taken within 6 months, and if not satisfied within 10 days - safely apply to the court. If an oral agreement with the service and the administration can not refuse to accept a claim (the document should be in two copies; the second, remaining with the customer must acknowledge receipt of a written claim), send it by registered mail with return receipt and list of contents. If the service refuses to eliminate the shortcomings, we can carry out repairs and elsewhere, and the cost of the works included in the claim for damages with the application of financial instruments and of the examination with the obligatory indication of the cause of failure or malfunction - repair of low quality. But for the litigation lawyer and desirable part of the independent expert on your side.

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