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Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 of release), Daewoo Lanos (since 1997 of release)

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Chevrolet Lanos
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Purchase of spare parts

Self purchase of spare parts - a very serious event that requires preparation. First you need to decide what is more profitable - to buy a new unit, the unit or repair the old one.
Try to collect all possible information about the proposed purchase. This will help you advice of more experienced motorists, especially those who served machine yourself (but beware of too confident "masters" who can give advice on any categorical about). Refer to the master service centers, especially if he will repair your car. You can check out the serious car magazines: they publish special tests of components and assemblies.

Going to the store for the purchase of spare parts, learn VIN-code car, in which the seller is looking for her.

When the initial assessment of the quality of spare parts intended to consider the manufacturer's site or the machine, as well as their originality. Original spare parts recommended by the manufacturer of the car, and distributed through a dealer network, as a rule, carefully packaged, are certified quality system of protection against counterfeiting, the warranty period and logo of the manufacturer of the vehicle. Similar parts more expensive, but an attempt to save can turn costly repairs.
Original spare parts are produced by firms that specialize in any one particular group (for example, automotive glass, electrical components, brake pads). They are much cheaper than the original, but their use in the car can result in denial of warranty service, if there is no official approval for their use in the car factory.

The acquired parts of the car are divided into two categories:
- Spare parts, depending on the mileage of a vehicle: brake pads, tires, belts, fuel, air and oil filters, spark plugs;
- Spare parts, the state of which depends on the operating conditions of a vehicle: the brakes, glasses, engine parts, transmission, suspension joints, steering parts and the exhaust system of the engine.

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