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Hyundai Getz (2002 release)

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Hyundai Getz
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Hyundai Getz (2002 release)

Models Getz debut took place in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show. Then, to the public, Hyundai unveiled a small, modern and stylish car.

High body (nearly 1.5 meters), windshield and hood, forming almost a straight line, complex optics with polycarbonate caps, large mirrors, high seating position, give the impression that the body Getz-volume and very similar to the van.

The car is available in a variety of trim levels from simple to expensive GL GLS. Last offers: electric, heated mirrors, height-adjustable steering column, central locking and air conditioning.

Shop carefully designed and very functional. Strict lines, excellent build quality, quality materials make the car comfortable and practical. On the back seat, which is unexpected for a small car, a lot of space, and the "vertical" landing allows pulling foot forward. In addition, the roof of the car almost exactly. So head over to the place Getz missing. Rear seat passengers can individually adjust the inclination of its backrest. However, a third headrest clearly shows that a five-seater car. If necessary, the second row seats folded.

The interior is also a lot of nice little things that make the trip more comfortable. For example, over the driver's door is a case for sunglasses. The deep glove box, a shelf under the steering wheel, the door pockets in the front and backside of the front seats accommodated a lot of useful things that also very convenient and practical.

Under the floor of the luggage compartment is the tray with compartments for tools and any other related fines. The trunk is very small. An additional amount of luggage attached to folding in the proportion 40:60 rear seats - naturally, at the expense of the rear passengers. Click to enlarge the luggage compartment can be up to 977 liters.

The design of the center console is dominated by rectangular and circular shapes. Gears in silver plastic edging backlit green perfectly pleasant to read. The center console is deployed towards the driver. The steering wheel and the original lever manual gearbox borrowed from the Hyundai Coupe. Steering is quite convenient, though has no adjustments for height and depth.

Getz has good visibility. The wide panoramic windshield provides decent visibility in all directions. Back seen a little worse. The glass of the fifth door is narrow, and the space of the "eat" the massive rear pillars and rear seat headrests.

The weakest of powertrains Getz has a volume of 1.1 liters. This engine dynamics is different. For those who like to ride with the wind, offer units in volume of 1,3 l / 82 hp and 1.6 l / 105 hp Alternatively, the "mechanics" stands 4-speed automatic transmission - an irreplaceable thing in traffic.

The suspension has a good combination of ride and handling. Turns almost any slope overcomes the car smoothly and confidently. The brakes work very well.

The safety and driver comfort were the main concern of the designers to create Hyundai Getz. As standard, the car is equipped with airbags with multi-phase operation. Beat these softer pillows. The deformable steering column and three-point seatbelts with pretensioners will give added confidence. A built-in steel beams door side impact protection.

The following options are offered: ABS, TRC, heated seats, etc.

In summary, we can say that with the release of Getz, Hyundai came close to their European classmates on such indicators as the build quality and handling characteristics. In this compact city car harmoniously combines a variety of qualities to meet the tastes and preferences of European customers, but its main quality - affordable price, which is able to maintain, plus the entire bonus in the form of a five-year warranty.

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