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Hyundai Matrix (2002 and 2006 model year)

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Hyundai Matrix
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Hyundai Matrix (2002 and 2006 model year)

Hyundai Matrix - a perfect city car perfectly fits into your dynamic lifestyle. It does not take much space, so it is easy to maneuver and park.

Hyundai Matrix combines all the advantages, which should have a modern car: reliability, safety, comfort, convenience and power of the 1.8-liter engine. You do not have to worry about anything. That's the whole Hyundai Matrix. He's just perfect.

And finally, most importantly - renovated Hyundai Matrix made by the legendary Italian design studio Pininfarina. This explains a lot. That's why Hyundai Matrix - a masterpiece of automotive art.

Hyundai Matrix was designed based on the Hyundai Lantra, the first wagon Hyundai Motor Company. However, engineers had to modify the design of the car, since the parameters of the body has undergone drastic changes.

Hyundai Matrix - is synonymous with mobility and versatility. Mostly, judging by their appearance, the car is pleasantly surprising spacious interior and ease of management. Add to this the use of the latest technological advances, a reasonable approach to the allocation of passengers and cargo, and you will understand the benefits of owning such a car.

The Russian premiere of Hyundai Matrix was held in August 2001 at the motor show in Moscow. The car attracted great interest from potential customers and competitors.

An attractive, affordable and extremely practical Hyundai Matrix gives you everything you expect from a modern car.

Electronic Monitoring System, an advanced fuel injection system, low noise and vibration levels - just a few of the characteristics of the engine, and works equally well on city streets and on the freeway. Engine power - 123 hp lovers of fast driving.

In an upgraded manual transmission synchronizers inarticulate set for the third and fourth gears and inarticulate Dvuhkonusnye for first and second. This design reduces the force on the lever and makes gear shift softer. Injectivity and increased fuel economy through the use of a wide range of gear ratios.

Hyundai Matrix is equipped with Electronic Time and Alarm Control System (ETACS), which controls the electronic systems of the car. All data are displayed on the information display. Furthermore, ETACS prevents battery drain. If the voltage drops in the network, all devices consuming electricity will be disconnected.

The front suspension MacPherson is the best option equip the car. Rear suspension Dual - link conveniently cope with a side roll of the car when cornering.

Hyundai Matrix - it's a family car, and the car, which is individuals. All will find it equally convenient and comfortable. Of particular note is the ability to adjust the rear seat in both the horizontal, which creates more space for the legs, and in the vertical plane for a better view of the road. When transporting bulky cargo rear seats can be completely folded down and get a flat surface. The front seats are arranged in a comfortable sofa.

A compact on the outside but spacious inside, Hyundai Matrix will take great pleasure from driving.

Windshield Hyundai Matrix has a convex shape and a few drowned - it improves aerodynamics and increases visibility. Large side windows are passed into the cabin much light.

On-board computer displays information about fuel consumption and distance to gas stations, tracks distance, travel time, and much more. Special Sensor warns of applying the parking brake.

Gear lever knob has a new spherical shape, and shifted forward. This decision turned out to be the best in terms of ergonomics.

There are plenty of handy storage compartments. Two niches in the side walls of the luggage compartment and under the rear seats are a number of tools. Under the front seat has a compartment for shoes, and the front seats are mounted folding tables.

The standard equipment includes a set of screen luggage, a special mesh fixation, and front and rear armrests.

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