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Kia Spectra (2004 release)

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Kia Spectra
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Kia Spectra (2004 release)

KIA Spectra - an elegant shape, excellent driving performance and stylish interior, comfortable seats, reliability and independence.

Kia Spectra equipped with 4-cylinder 16-valve gasoline engine 1.6-liter, power 101.5 hp - The optimal solution for the urban family car. Depending on the configuration, Kia Spectra is equipped with manual or automatic transmission.

The independent front and rear suspension with stabilizer bars and strut "McPherson" to gently work out bumps in the road. Power steering, which is equipped with Kia Spectra, greatly facilitates the efforts of the driver when maneuvering. Reaction to steering clear - to turn the machine comes with virtually no banks. The design uses an independent spring suspension with stabilizer bars front and rear. Built-in control valve front suspension compression reduces the residual vibration of small road irregularities. Increase compared to the other models of the area pad improves braking performance.

Kia Spectra much larger and more spacious than other members of their price range. According to the European classification of the vehicle belongs to a class D. In the interior of this sedan is convenient to everything - the driver and passengers. Heater and air conditioner with a simple control system. Comfortable seats with lateral support, dual cup holders with clamps, stowage pockets in the doors, adjustable sun visors, lighter cabin with shestisekundnoy delay help make pleasant even a long journey.

Kia Spectra different practical and attractive design at the same time. A certain conservatism plaque gives the model reliability and allows it to be independent of the frequently changing automotive fashion. The elongated hood and a sleek silhouette creates an impression of dynamism and speed. Laconic design of the front of the neatly tied down of the housing and the extent of the original decision of the stern. The characteristic lines along the vehicle body and spectacular tail lights with round sectors size and brake lights enhance the dynamic silhouette. Body colored bumpers, mirrors, door handles and moldings give the appearance Spectra more rigor and impressive.

Interior KIA Spectra is in practical style. The front panel is finished with a gray plastic, harmoniously combined with a black center console. All controls, combined with practical and only the most essential instruments (speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature and fuel level).

The car Kia Spectra was created for those who appreciate the same style and comfort, peace and security at the wheel!

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