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Mazda 3 (2003 release)

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Mazda 3
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Mazda 3 (2003 release)

The new model of the Mazda 3 combines all the best qualities that contributed to the success of its predecessors. It is a new alternative to their cars segment. Mazda 3 -'s answer to Europeans, who are looking for a car, pre-empting the style, quality and performance segment, traditionally oriented functionality and sales.

The new 5-door hatchback Mazda 3 has unmistakable Mazda design and high quality. Like other new-generation Mazda vehicles, its exterior design makes sense foretaste incident, carefree carnival.

The move, combined with the strength and stability of the Mazda 3, is an integral part of the concept "sense of movement", successfully embodied in the models of the Mazda 6, Mazda 2 and Mazda RX-8. The dynamic proportions, created thanks to the long wheelbase and cabin, short overhangs, and large-diameter wheels, as well as the extended wings, attached to the 5-door hatchback positive self view.

Based on how to develop the flagship Mazda RX-8, interior hatchback Mazda 3 is much more spacious than it looks from the outside. He is both sporty and comfortable, functional and spacious, it is very important for a car of its segment.

the Mazda 3 Hatchback is one of the largest in its class, despite the aggressive, sporty design. It has a spacious, wide-cabin, while its long wheelbase and optimum form of the front seats provides more than enough space for the rear passengers. This can even boldly added many offices, a large, flexible trunk, and you get a car that is not only pleasant news, but which are pleased and enjoy.

Mazda engineers and designers deliberately created visual, tactile and acoustic effect that allows the driver and passengers feel at ease. Attention is paid to the sounds of opening and closing doors, materials management lighting and sense of control over the management of the entire vehicle. And the result - is not only an attractive design, but also feelings, and sound - the highest quality. Type of center console - the highest quality customers will be surprised, feeling like in a car of a higher class. Engineers added a few strokes practicality, which enjoy particularly young people and young families. In ashtrays now you can not just put the glasses, and 2-liter bottles. The rear seat folded now in the proportion 60:40 to accommodate various items.

The exterior design of the Mazda 3 a bold and vigorous, which attracts with its freshness. The clean lines of the bonnet and pronounced line "shoulders" give the car a sporty and dedication that really make it stand out from the crowd. The sporty design of the interior, together with the instrument panel lighting and hinting at Mazda RX-8 will provide an excellent driver ergonomics. Interior space is maximized to provide best-in-class space at the shoulders and elbows. Hatchback Mazda demonstrates the vitality and reliability, while the sedan - individuality, sportiness and elegance

Leading the class "sbitost" vigor of body and allow engineers to maximize the stability and controllability at high speeds on the market to offer the best handling, precise steering, braking system, the absence of vibration and noise, as well as the best dynamic performance. The Mazda 3 has a long wheelbase with a short front and rear overhangs, which makes dynamic appearance. Along with the multi-link rear suspension, long wheelbase provides outstanding dynamic performance and comfort for the driver and passengers. The Mazda 3 has a EURO IV emissions compliant and petrol engines with a choice of 1.4 liter 80 hp, 1.6 liter 105 hp or a 2.0 liter 150 hp

The development of a new architecture has allowed the body to maximize the protection of passengers with the security structure adapted MAIDAS. The new architecture of the body is reflected in the frame body to absorb and dissipate impact energy in all kinds of conflicts, and offers the world's best-in-class security. Passive safety features include standard front airbags with dual stage opening, side and curtain airbags, folding in a collision steering wheel and brake pedal, to minimize damage to the driver. Active safety is provided by the standard ABS with an integrated system of electronic brake-force distribution (EBA) and, as an option, dynamic stabilization system (DCS).

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