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Mazda 6 (2002 release)

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Mazda 6
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Mazda 6 (2002 release)

Mazda 6 - a force to be reckoned with. Under the sleek, athletic forms are hidden best-in-class placement of things and cargo. If the car you need a combination of volume, power and practicality - you have found your ideal.

Buying the Mazda 6 - a truly unforgettable event. Elegant appearance underscores the power of the car, and qualities such as athletic contours, graceful style and - in the application of our new model - a sense of "refined perfection", only reinforce this effect.

We have preserved the elegant smooth shape - as a result of the streamlined body and smooth contours of the Mazda 6 has helped us to rise head and shoulders above the majority of modern cars with their "straight" design. In the new model, redesigned front and rear bumpers, grille and the optional sill and the rear spoiler.

Now, a new athletic design with exaggerated power and sportiness. Even parked the Mazda 6 inspires the idea of a dynamic movement.

When buying a new sedan the Mazda 6, you get at the disposal of power steering, brakes impressive strength and lightning acceleration. And from our new engine is simply breathtaking.

You can choose from three different four-cylinder gasoline engine: 1,8, 2,0 and 2,3 liter. All engines are very economical, and the 2.0-liter model has now become even more powerful.

Our new, smoother transmission contribute to improved fuel efficiency model Mazda 6. A six-speed manual gearbox, which recently became installed on most engines will add strength and dynamism of your car. In addition, our four-speed automatic transmission became a five-speed Activematic, which means the acceleration of the reaction of the car and low fuel consumption.

In addition, the upgraded and improved chassis Mazda 6 and upgraded suspension. Most of the changes made to provide a more dynamic and sporty handling.

The elegant exterior and spacious interior

You are buying the Mazda 6 sedan, because you know it's just a fantastic driving performance. But did you know that under his sleek concealed luggage compartment with a total capacity to 501 liters, the volume of which can be adjusted? This solution is unique in this class of cars - you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how there can fit all!

By purchasing the Mazda 6 sedan, you can be sure that your new car meets the highest security requirements. Increased protection in collisions provide a unique triple H-shaped design of the body.

The standard on all models include pretensioners, front and side airbags as well as curtain airbags. The result is a reliable all-round protection of the driver and passengers.

The stability and controllability of the vehicle increased by a dynamic stabilization system (DSC). Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) help reduce stopping distance during emergency braking.

Robust anti-theft allow owners the Mazda 6 not worry, no matter where they are.

To better protect against theft all cars Mazda 6 equipped with central locking and immobilizer.

Sitting behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda 6, you immediately realize that you do not want to leave this spacious, cozy and very comfortable interior.

Salon not only looks good - it quiet, unusually spacious and very comfortable. Note that at the T-shaped instrument panel, a three-spoke steering wheel and glovebox volume of 9 liters. And now - take the exit on the broad road to test the Mazda 6 sedan, in fact. The new engines allow you to just make sure that this car's sporty character.

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