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Volkswagen Golf III / Vento (from 1991 to 1997, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Golf 3 / Vento
Golf 3 / Vento
Operating instructions
Gasoline Engine
Diesel engine
Exhaust system
The suspension of the car
Steering gear
Power steering
Adjustment of corners of installation of forward wheels
The brake system

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Steering column with adjustable tilt
Fig. 7.1. Steering column with tilt adjustment 1 - rubber buffer; 2 - the return springs (mounted on the steering column and the mounting platform); 3 - an arm (before installing the sliding portion is covered with graphite grease); 4 - washer; 5 - safety bolt (working on the cut); 6 - Self-locking nut; 7 - a plate; 8 - the plug; 9 - a bolt (special thread) 22 Nm; 10 - a casing of a steering shaft; 11 - plate; 12 - the lever

Steering drive
Fig. 7.2. Steering drive: 1 - a tip of steering draft; 2 - nut 50 Nm; 3 - a protective cover; 4 - a collar; 5 - nut 35 Nm; 6 - a collar; 7 - rubber pad; 8 - steering shaft drive; 9 - nut 30 Nm; 10 - nut 35 Nm; 11 - the left steering rod; 12 - nut 30 Nm; 13 - a sealing ring (always replace); 14 - Carter steering; 15 - Right Tie Rod

The steering of the car consists of a collapsible steering column with tilt adjustment (Fig. 7.1), steering-type gear-rack, power steering and a steering drive (Fig. 7.2).
The power assisted steering uses the same fluid as in automatic transmissions. The liquid is pumped vane pump from the receiver and sent to the spool, which moves tie rods.
Power steering and the steering can not be repaired in case of failure replace with new ones.

If the car is equipped with an airbag (inscription ?«Airbag?» on the steering wheel hub), all working with the steering which involves the removal of the steering wheel, are carried out only on a specially equipped workshop.

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