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Volkswagen Golf III / Vento (from 1991 to 1997, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Golf 3 / Vento
Golf 3 / Vento
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Gasoline Engine
Diesel engine
Exhaust system
The suspension of the car
The brake system
Accumulator battery
Windshield-Tel windscreen
On-board electrical network

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Electric Vehicle Golf III / Vento performed on a single scheme - the negative conclusions of sources and electricity consumers are connected to "weight", which serves as a second conductor.
Electrical energy is used to a car ignition of the combustible mixture in the cylinders of a gasoline engine, start the engine starter, power lighting devices, light and sound alarms, measurement and control, receivers and electronic devices, as well as for additional electrical power. To supply the electrical energy consumers above the current network of electric vehicle power supply system is mounted. It consists of a current source - the battery and the generator with a voltage regulator connected in parallel with the consumers and current between them.
The battery is designed to power the starter and ignition devices when starting the engine, the power current consumers with the engine off or at low speed generator armature, maintain a constant voltage power supply when the load on the generator. Depending on the vehicle model can be mounted batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 36 to 92 Ah.
Genset is the main source of current in the power supply system of the car, providing power to all consumers and charge the battery when the engine is low, medium and high speed of the crankshaft. The generator set consists of a generator and a voltage regulator, which serves to maintain the necessary voltage and current. The voltage regulator with the brush holder is on the cover from outside contact rings of the generator.
For the transmission of electrical energy from the source to the consumer is a current supply network consisting of cables, connectors and switching devices.
The electrical system has a voltage of 12 V. The "Weight" is supplied by "-" battery terminal, which is located in the engine compartment of the motor.
To start the engine using the starter motor. Starter switch is part of the ignition switch.
Mounted on the car Golf III / Vento generator driven by a V-belt from the crankshaft.
The indicator lamp Charging the battery is located on the instrument panel informs about the perfect functioning of the electrical system when the battery is charging.

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