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Volkswagen Passat B3 / B4 (c 1988 and 1996 model year)

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Volkswagen Passat B3 / B4
Passat B3 / B4
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Volkswagen Passat B3 / B4 (c 1988 and 1996 model year)

The first Volkswagen Passat B3 came off the assembly line in the spring of 1988 and almost immediately became a bestseller - buyers liked the spacious interior with excellent finishing materials, a huge trunk, and a simple but yet very attractive design. In addition to the decorative changes Volkswagen Passat B3 underwent also technical: the wheelbase is longer, changed the rear suspension design, new appliances. The power unit has also changed: in previous versions of the Passat engine positioned longitudinally, it is in the top three (by the way, the power of the bulk of them - V6 is 174 hp) was cross-occupancy. In addition, the engine range appeared to monoinjection options: these machines were somewhat less dynamic, but this is fully offset by low fuel consumption and the absence of problems with the setting of the carburetor.

In general, the car was just as sturdy and reliable as its predecessors: only summed steering frame, which broke down after about 50 100 thousand. Kilometers, and the suspension is not very good to deal with bad roads. However, for the inhabitants of Western Europe last issue was irrelevant.

In 1993, the production of Volkswagen Passat B3 was discontinued. In place of this is no doubt a magnificent car came Volkswagen Passat B4: indeed, today's European, and especially on Russian streets you can find these cars, some of whom have more than a million kilometers.

Production of the trade winds of the fourth generation began in 1994. Externally, the car is not very different from the Volkswagen Passat B3: headlights became slightly narrower, and instead closed "front end" appeared grille - that's all. The greatest changes occurred in systems management and security: Volkswagen Passat B4 became equipped with disc brakes, protective beams in the doors, front and side airbags as well as ABS system and a collapsible steering column.

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