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Volkswagen Touareg (from 2003 to 2006, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Touareg
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Volkswagen Touareg (from 2003 to 2006, the year of issue)

Touareg - the first SUV from Volkswagen. He combined the best of the usual expensive cars and SUVs. Touareg is equipped with four-wheel drive, electronically controlled, air suspension, and six eight- and ten-cylinder engine. Despite the luxury of a full-fledged Touareg SUV. It will be equipped with a transfer case and is equipped with a limited slip differential. Multi-disc clutch is electronically controlled automatically, which, depending on the road surface, will transmit energy to all or a two-wheel or four. Block differential will be independently and directly from the cabin. In finishing salon used a large number of high-quality materials, which undoubtedly makes the Touareg luxury vehicles. Comfortable seats, adjustable in all planes of the steering wheel, and separate climate control for front and rear passengers are included. The high level of passive safety provide front and side airbags, three-point seatbelts and <active> collapsible headrests of the front seats. Active safety also provides ABS, TCS (traction control system), ESP (electronic stabilisation programme), EBC (engine braking control) and HBA (hydraulic brake assist system). If the vehicle is equipped with air suspension, then when you reach 125 km / h ride height is automatically reduced by 25 millimeters. Glass rear door can be opened separately, so as to facilitate the loading of a small and non-severe baggage. The size of the luggage compartment can vary from 555 to 1,570 liters. The maximum weight that can tow Touareg is 3.5 tons, making it ideal for transportation, for example, boat or car. Torque motors, permanent four-wheel drive and the availability of low transmission as standard make Touareg "master" all roads and off-road.

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