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Nissan Micra (2002 model year)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Nissan Micra
Controls and operation receptions
Options and car routine maintenance
The engine cooling system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
The power supply system and exhaust
Systems of an electric motor
Manual box of a gear change and clutch
Automatic Transmission
Drive shafts, steering knuckles and Hub assembly
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric
Driving Power Distribution
Driving the engine management system
Individual motor control circuit
Data bus
The engine starting system
Connection diagram of the mounting block
Cigarette lighter
Charge system
Scheme AT and its single strands
The circuit board of the control unit
Driving a single lock
Anti-theft alarm circuit connection
Chains of NATS
Driving ABS
Driving SRS
Chains of ABS
Chains of the SRS
Driving heated rear window and door mirrors
The scheme of system K / V with automatic control
System K / Manual
Heater circuit models with K / Manual
Heated seats
Circuit rear window and door mirrors
Wipers and the windscreen washer (with rain sensor)
Cleaners and washers rear window
Cleaners and washers of lenses of headlights
Lights (for example, models with DRL)
Direction indicators
Fog lights and rear lights foggy
Driving and individual chains marker lights and license plate light
Stop Light
Reversing lights
Driving and separate internal lighting circuits
Power windows
The drive of the top hatch cover
Power outside mirrors
Device combination
Warning signals
Trip computer

Hit Counter by Digits

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Marking colors wiring

B Black
W White
R Red
G Green
L Blue
Y Yellow
LG Light green
BR Brown
OR, O Orange
P Pink
PU, V Purple
GY, GR Gray
SB Blue
CH Dark brown
DG Dark green

Numbering of terminals multiway connectors

Wiring Diagrams Relay

The numbering of the terminals of some relays may differ from that indicated in the table.

Wiring harness wiring diagrams and location of their components

Driving laying wiring harnesses

Main wiring harness

Cable harness the engine compartment

Cable harness the engine management system

The cable harness body part 1

The cable harness body part 2

Cable harness salon

Cable harness the left front door

Cable harness right front door

The cable harness rear left door

Cable harness right rear door

Abbreviations used in the Schemes

1STSIG - 4STSIG Signals 1st - 4th gear AT
A / C Air Conditioning
A / WIP Cleaners and windscreen washers
AP / SEN MAP Sensor
APPS1 - APPS1 Sensors 1-3 accelerator pedal position
AUDIO The audio unit
BA / FTS The gauge of temperature ATF and nutrition unit TCM
BACK / L Reversing light
BRK / SW D / stoplights
CHARGE Charge system
CHIME Warning buzzers
CIGAR Cigarette lighter
COMBSW Combination switch
COOL / F The cooling fan motor
D / COMP Trip computer
D / LOCK The uniform lock
DEF Heated rear window
ECM / PW Food supply the ECM
ECTS ECT sensor
ENGSS The signal frequency crankshaft revolutions
EPS Electric power steering
ETC1 Electronic throttle control
ETC2 Relay e / motor throttle actuator
ETC3 E / drive motor Throttle
F / FOG Fog lights
F / FUMP Fuel pump
FTS The gauge of temperature ATF
FUEL Fuel Injection System
H / AIM Adjusting headlamp
H / LAMP Headlights
H / SEAT Heated seats
HLC Headlamp washers
HO2S1 Dokatalitichesky lambda probe
HO2S1H Heater dokataliticheskogo lambda probe
HO2S2 Postkatalitichesky lambda probe
HO2S2H Heater dokataliticheskogo lambda probe
HORN Klaxon
I / KEY The system ?«Intelligent Key?»
IATS IAT sensor
IGNSYS Ignition system
ILL Backlighting
INJECT Fuel Injector
INT / L Interior lighting
IVC E / m phase control valve inlet valves
LPSV E / m pressure control valve in the lines of the AT
MAIN The main power supply and ground
METER Device combination
MIL / DL K / L faults and diagnostic connector
MIRROR Door mirror
MULTI Remote control
NAVI Audio and navigation system
NONDTC Undefined items
OVRCSV E / m valve freewheel AT
PGC / V E / m control valve EVAP canister purge
PHASE CMP sensor
PNP / SW Sensor PNP
POS CKP sensor
POWER Chain Power Distribution
PRWIRE Prepared wiring
R / FOG Rear foggy lantern
RP / SEN Coolant pressure sensor
S / LOCK Extra lock
SHIFT Lock mode switch AT
SROOF The top hatch
SSV / A E / m valve A mode switch AT
SSV / B E / m valves B mode switch AT
START The engine starting system
STOP / L Stop signal
SW / ILL Highlighting window switch
TAIL / L marker lights and license plate illumination
TCV E / m Valve TCC AT
TPS1 - TPS1 Activators 1-3 Throttle
TURN Direction indicators
VSSAT Vehicle speed sensor (speed sensor AT)
VSSMTR Speedometer
WARN Warning lights
WINDOW Windows
WIP / R Wiper and washer, rear window
WIPER Cleaners and windscreen washers

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