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Nissan Micra (2002 model year)

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Nissan Micra
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Nissan Micra (2002 model year)

Nissan Micra, the smallest of cars Nissan, by nature energetic, swift, smart and incredibly ambitious. Micra previous generation has done a lot of noise in Europe. Introduced in 1992, the Nissan Micra became the first Japanese car, winner of the prestigious European competition "Car of the Year", and secured a serene life in the market for ten years. And this is - a very long time, if indeed not forget that the Nissan Micra - tiny car segment B, where changing patterns occur fairly often. At present moment, the new generation Micra has all opportunities to continue the path of incurring the prestigious title of Car of Year 2003. In the ten years it has been sold 1.3 million cars.

According to preliminary information supply for the official dealers in the segment will fill the Nissan Micra 1,2l engines (80 hp). and 1,4l (88 hp), with each of the engines is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic.

The new Nissan Micra, presented at the 2002 Paris Motor Show, has become even less (30 millimeters), but more broad-- its wheelbase has increased by seven centimeters, and the beauty and intelligence have increased many times over. Futuristic forms, the most advanced haytekovskogo stuffing, advanced security features made Nissan Micra hit among compacts.

A wonderful review, ease of parking in tight spaces, excellent maneuverability in dense traffic flows, so the benefits of this model, in front of cars of a higher class. Although misra-dimensions outside the internal space does not cause discomfort. Rounded vault ceiling, comfortable seats, front and rear allow moving freely enough to stay.

The system of electronic access eliminates the need for keys. Suffice it to carry Intelligent Key as a keychain. The machine itself "learns" the owner when he approached her. The door will be unlocked after pressing the door handle. Motor also factory without a key.

Very interesting solved the problem of limited space for rear passengers. Their comfort provides the moveable rear seat. Fully push back, it maximizes the space between rows. On the other hand, moved forward increases the luggage compartment from 237 to 371 liters. Nissan Micra is also equipped with climate control (with manual setting), on-board computer, audio system (with steering wheel controls), rain sensor.

As standard equipment Nissan Micra comes with two airbags, ABS (antilock braking system), EBD (Brake-force Distribution), Brake Assist (the system provides maximum braking performance in emergency brake application). Additionally possible to install ESP (System Stability Program).

Micra is available in 3- and 5-door version, with three types of gasoline and two - turbo diesel engine. Nissan Micra has three equipment: Comfort, Tekna and Luxury.

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