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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
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Onboard electric
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Relays - General Information
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Both adjusting screws lights are shown in the illustrations below. As can be seen from the illustrations there is a difference between the headlight beam direction adjustment with or without it. Lights should be regulated by means of optical devices, as a last resort, you can adjust them with improvised means.

Position the screws without the aiming beam tilt adjustment.
Position adjustment screws lights, adjustable beam tilt.


  1. If you take urgent adjustment, set the car in 5 meters from the wall or garage door and draw shown in the illustration below chart. Adjust the lights so that the midpoint of the beam at the included headlight Mr. Wall was about the same height as the middle point of the headlights. Turn dipped and apply a light border about 65 mm below the center of said light.

Chart headlight adjustment. The dimension between the arrows on the top left of the models Primera shall be 65 mm

H - height range
WL - the distance between the headlights
P - midpoints headlights

  1. To adjust the horizontal beam, shown on the right, turn the screw to adjust the beam vertically, turn the screw as shown on the left side.
  2. Before adjusting the lights, tire should establish appropriate Specifications pressure.
  3. Place the vehicle on a flat surface, the tank must be filled. As already mentioned, the described adjustment only belt.
  4. At the first opportunity the headlights must be checked and adjusted optical devices.

Replacing the bulbs in the headlights

Replacing the bulbs in the headlights is carried out with the back of the headlamp in the engine compartment.


  1. After switching off the plug, remove the cap. To do this, click inside the cap and turn left.
  2. Squeeze the bulb retaining spring and remove it. Do not touch the new lamp with bare fingers.
  3. Replace as soon as possible to the reflector in the dust could not get through the hole of the lamp.
  4. Set the cap in reverse order.
  5. Connect the plug.
  6. Finally, check the headlight adjustment and adjust if necessary in the workshop, or to temporarily adjust, as described in Chapter Body.

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