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Volkswagen Passat B5 (from 1996 to 2004, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Passat B5
Passat B5
Fuel system
general information
The fuel pump / fuel level sensor
The fuel filter on models with petrol engines
Adjustment of a cable of an accelerator (the petrol engine)
Additional adjustment (an automatic transmission)
The fuel system of the diesel engine
Motor Control
An exhaust system
Heating, ventilation

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Fuel system

Fuel tank cars with petrol engines

1 - cork;
2 - a sealing ring. If it is damaged, replace the O-ring.
3 - fuel filler cap;
4 - a bolt;
5 - the valve. When removing the valve, remove it from the filling nozzle by pulling it up. When the damper is installed in a vertical position the valve is open, and when it is turned at an angle of 45 ? valve should be closed;
6 - a sealing ring. If it is damaged, replace the O-ring;
7 - ventilation hose. Hose black side mounted fuel tank and goes to the charcoal canister;
8 - vent. When removing, remove the valve from the filling nozzle. Before installing the valve, remove the fuel filler cap;
9 - a wire connected to the vehicle earth;
10 - penstock black. By pressure pipe is carried out the fuel supply to the fuel filter;
11 - the return line of blue. Return line goes from the engine;
12 - uses a four electric socket. Connected to an electric socket wire fuel level sensor and the fuel pump;
13 - flange nut 60 Nm;
14 - flange. Installation flange mark on the flange must be aligned with the mark on the fuel tank;
15 - the gauge of level of fuel;
16 - fuel line;
17 - the fuel pump. Replace the fuel pump must be made with a flange and a fuel feed conduit;
18 - a sealing ring. If damaged, use the new O-ring. Before installing the seal ring soak it in petrol;
19 - bolts 25 Nm;
20 - the fuel tank;
21 - Mounting plate;
22 - tape for fixing the fuel tank. Tape for securing a different length. The hole in the film disposed on the front side of the fuel tank;
23 - the holder of the fuel filter;
24 - a bolt 10 Nm;
25 - the fuel filter. The arrow on the fuel filter housing indicates the direction of the flow of fuel;
26 - penstock black. The pipeline goes to the fuel line;
27 - the fuel return pipe is blue;
28 - ventilation hose

The fuel system of a vehicle comprises a fuel tank, pipes, fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injection systems.

Fuel tank made of plastic, is located underneath the rear of the vehicle. Ventilation of a fuel tank through a closed system of removal of air. When the tank venting fuel vapors trapped canister with charcoal.

A warning

Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive, so caution must be exercised when working on any part of the fuel system.

Work on the fuel system must be done in a well ventilated area, which you can open all the doors and windows to create drafts.

When working on the fuel system do not use open fire, electric welding and tools, at work with which sparks can be formed. Make sure that in the vicinity of the workplace is charged fire extinguisher.

To protect your eyes from getting into the fuel they use glasses. At fuel hit on a skin wash the area with plenty of water.

The capacity in which the fuel comprises a fuel vapor and potentially explosive.

At work with fuel system observe cleanliness as the dirt which has got to channels of fuel system can block them that will break normal work of the engine.

In front-wheel drive cars with diesel engines in the fuel tank fuel pump no. In four-wheel drive vehicles with diesel engines is installed in the fuel tank fuel pump.

Before removing the fuel tank pump out fuel from the tank.

Removing the fuel tank is made from under the car. To support the fuel tank using a jack.

Even in an empty fuel tank contains fuel vapors that are explosive, so be careful.

After installing the fuel tank, run the engine and check the fuel system for leaks.

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