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Volkswagen Passat B6 (from the year 2004)

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Volkswagen Passat B6
Passat B6
Operation and maintenance of car
Wheels and tires
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Repair of suspension of the rear wheels (front wheel drive)
Repair subframe
Replace the level sensor in the car body
Removal and installation of the upper arm
Removal and installation of the lower control arm
Removal and installation of lateral traction
Removing and installing the trailing arm with mounting bracket
Repair trailing arm
Removing and installing coil spring
Steering Gear
Onboard electric

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Repair of suspension of the rear wheels (front wheel drive)

Removing and installing rear axle
Remove the wheels.
Remove the coil springs.
Disconnect the electrical connectors located between the nodes of the rear axle and the body.

Fig. 4.58. Bolt-pillar

Remove the bolt (Fig. 4.58).

Connectors brake pipe
Fig. 4.59. Connectors brake pipe

Disconnect the brake pipes at points 1 and 2 (Fig. 4.59).
Disconnect the connectors of the electromechanical parking brake caliper.

Fixing the parking brake
Fig. 4.60. Fixing the parking brake

Remove the bracket 1 to this press out the inner core rivets (Fig. 4.60).
Remove the wire 1 from the support bracket.

Support Bracket
Fig. 4.61. Support Bracket

On the back mark the position of the support arm 2 (Fig. 4.61).
Remove the bolts.
Disconnect the connector, rear left vehicle level sensor.

Securing the vehicle on a lift
Fig. 4.62. Securing the vehicle on a lift

Fix the car on both sides of the lift bracket with tensioning straps (Fig. 4.62).

Otherwise, it could slip off the hoist

Under the sub-frame set for the jack of engines and transmissions with universal support for transmission units and secure stretcher belt.

Fig. 4.63. Subframe

On both sides, unscrew the hex bolts 1 and 2 (Fig. 4.63).

For the purpose of clarity, the figure shows only the left side of the car.
To fix the frame, must at positions 1 and 2 on both sides of the vehicle in turns screw fixing devices.
Fix the position of the sub-frame clamps.

Clamps should be tightened torque not exceeding 20 Nm, because otherwise you can damage their threads.

On both sides of the queue replace the subframe bolts on clamps and tighten to 20 Nm.
Now the position of the sub-frame is fixed.
Carefully lower the sub-frame assembly with installed nodes.

When lowering, take care to remain access to the brake lines and electrical cables.

Installation subframe assembly with mounted thereon nodes
Installation is carried out in reverse order.
Bleed the brake system
Adjust the wheel alignment.

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