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Volkswagen Touareg (from 2003 to 2006, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Touareg
Operation and maintenance of car
Steering Gear
Onboard electric
Types of batteries
Checking the battery
Topping up with distilled water
Check the density of the electrolyte
Check the open circuit voltage battery
Disconnecting and connecting the battery, vehicles with one battery
Disconnecting and connecting the battery (vehicles with two batteries)
Removing and installing the battery, under the driver's seat
Removing and installing the battery cut-off relay
Generator and starter
Device combination
Front wiper

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Types of batteries

Low-maintenance batteries
Low-maintenance batteries with liquid electrolyte. These batteries can be recognized by eversible jars of jams.
Acid battery, which at regular intervals should be check the electrolyte level and if necessary top up with distilled water.
Most batteries of this type are equipped with an indicator, which by means of different colors inform about the state of charge of the battery and the level of electrolyte therein.

Maintenance-free batteries
Batteries, maintenance-free, liquid electrolyte. These batteries instead of plugs located on the banks cover. She closes the battery after filling at the factory.

In no case do not remove the cover on the battery banks. The body of the battery may be damaged and the battery fails.

Lead-acid batteries, which in normal conditions do not need to fill in distilled water is sealed batteries with absorbed electrolyte.

Batteries without liquid electrolyte (AGM-battery)
Lead-acid batteries, in which the electrolyte is absorbed into a fiberglass (AGM). The battery is locked and equipped with a vent.
AGM - is short phrases Absorbant Glass Matt (absorbent glass fiber pad)

The procedure for testing and charging batteries and gel batteries without the liquid electrolyte is the same.
If necessary, replace the battery without the liquid electrolyte, be sure to insert the battery of the same type.

Gel batteries
Battery, maintenance-free, with absorbed electrolyte.
Lead-acid batteries, which the electrolyte is absorbed in the gel. The battery is locked and equipped with a vent.

Attaching the battery terminals
The terminals of the battery can be worn on the findings by hand and without the use of force.
Do not lubricate the battery terminals.
Terminals should be worn so that the output terminals are flush with or protrude from them.
After tightening the terminals specified torque Additional tightening is prohibited.

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Checking the battery

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