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Volvo S40 / V40 (from 1996 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volvo S40 / V40
S40 / V40
General Information
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General requirements for car repair
Operation and maintenance of car
Design and specifications Engine
Engine repair
Front suspension and steering
Rear suspension
Engine Management System Fenix 5.1
Electric. Wiring and components

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General Information

This manual is a guide to the maintenance and repair of the car Volvo S40 / V40 with four-cylinder petrol engines in working volume of 1741 cm3 and 1948 cm3 1996-2000 model years.
Guide is intended for employees of centers and service stations and repair shops, as well as for technically trained motorists. Therefore, in some cases, the device units, mechanisms and systems described without unnecessary detail, and order maintenance and repair easily becomes clear when reading the study or illustrations.
The Guide provides the technical characteristics of units, mechanisms and systems of the car and provides recommendations for the implementation of maintenance and repair.
The Guide reflects the design of the base case. Therefore, depending on the version and year of vehicle design individual components and assemblies, as well as the design and location of some of the electrical components may differ from those described in the Manual.

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