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Volvo S40 / V40 (from 1996 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volvo S40 / V40
S40 / V40
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Engine Management System Fenix 5.1
Description of the system
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Engine Management System Fenix 5.1

Fenix 5.1 - Integrated engine management system, which in addition to the fuel injection control, ignition, fuel pump and the speed at idle, also controls the heating temperature of the oxygen sensor, the compressor of the air conditioner, cooling fan motor and control unit. The control unit (CU) also provides information on the instrument cluster and the control unit automatic transmission. A distinctive feature of the system is the individual Fenix 5.1 functioning injectors per cylinder (the so-called "sequential operation"). This function enables the fuel injection in the most favorable time for combustion and individual control of each nozzle. System Fenix 5.1 includes features like adaptive control of the oxygen sensor, idle speed and ignition timing depending on conditions of detonation. This minimizes toxic exhaust emissions and at the same time facilitate the maintenance of the system, as there is no need to adjust the content of CO or speed at idle.
The control unit continuously detects and memorizes the fault codes for later retrieval and display. Fault codes are read using the diagnostic tool, which is connected to the terminal diagnosis, which is located in the engine compartment.
If the system detects a fault has caused an increase in the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases, in the instrument cluster warning lamp failures.
Good output characteristics of a possibility to adjust the parameters within a wide range. For example, at idle speed 700
800 rev / min, the ignition timing can vary between 5-13 ?, and the carbon dioxide content in the exhaust gas is less than 0.2% (the data for motors B4184S, V4204S). Thus these parameters can not be adjusted and can only be controlled.

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Description of the system

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