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Volvo S40 / V40 (from 1996 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volvo S40 / V40
S40 / V40
General Information
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Design and specifications Engine
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Front suspension and steering
Rear suspension
Engine Management System Fenix 5.1
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Volvo S40 / V40 (from 1996 to 2000, the year of issue)

Volvo S40 offers superior handling than many other cars in its class. And with the same solution as in most cars. Volvo - plus a few of his - this is probably the safest car in its size category.

16-valve engines Volvo S40 with two camshafts positioned in the cylinder head, a self-regulating valve system with hydrojacks and sophisticated electronic fuel injection and ignition.

Four-speed automatic transmission Volvo S40 with three driving modes or five-speed manual. DSA, Traction Volvo (on request). Front-wheel drive. Multi-link rear wheels Volvo (Multi-link) provides a pleasant ride and excellent road holding.

Side marker lights. Built-in folding child booster cushions in the rear seat (on request).

Have fun sharpens the senses and enhances the feeling of fullness of life. Balance and harmony are complemented by a sense of security that allows you to get the most of your trip. Volvo S40 is one of the safest cars in its class.

Protection System "whiplash" blow WHIPS reduces the load on the spine and neck in a rear impact. It is built into the front seats and is activated if rear impact is strong enough.

Unique side impact protection SIPS, Volvo uses a significant part of the body to absorb the forces of a side impact. Inflatable Curtain IC and side airbags obespe-Chiva maximum protection of the head and thorax.

Safety lies in the Volvo S40 to the drawing board. Pioneering suspension and powerful brakes provide complete control over the car in all situations. The system of active stub tion DSA further expand border security, for example, when you are driving on a slippery road. And if an accident is inevitable, you will receive additional protection through the most advanced systems for no-Council.

Volvo S40 Security systems work in unison in order to protect you at the right moment. The fact that the safety of the vehicle is determined not by the number of individual components, and rational interaction of various security systems.

Inflatable Curtain IC protect heads seated at the front and rear. Inflate in a side collision to protect the head-ing of finding a car. Curtains are filled with gas for a time sufficient for continuous protection and uder-Jania people in the cabin when the ABA-ries with a few punches.

Loads safest fixed using eyelets located in the luggage compartment floor (optional). In addition, all seats can vyder-alive-will repay significant Corollary loose cargo.

The side rear seat, scheesya-finding for front passenger, equipped with ISOFIX anchorages for the child seat Volvo against the direction of traffic. For more child seats built into the side rear seats, provide correct-ing location without belt-Council to the child's body (optional).

All seats are equipped with Podgolov nicknames-and three-point seat belts. In a collision the front seat belts, pre-tensioners tyagivayutsya for maximum protection. Then tension the front seat belts slightly reduced to fixing body wasp-mented optimally.

Protection System "whiplash" injuries whips - the original system Volvo reduces the load on the spine and neck in a rear impact. It is built into the front of the seat-and is triggered when a sufficiently strong impact.

The system of protection against side impact SIPS distributes impact forces arising to reduce the physical impact on the occupants of the vehicle. This inflatable curtain IC and front airbags protect the head and chest of the driver and passengers.

The airbag system for driver and passenger registers a collision force and adjusts their gassing - when you hit the pressure will be high in low - low. If the airbags are not needed, only the pretensioners are triggered the front seat belts. You can also book a car without airbags for the passenger.

Strong safety cage surrounding everyone in the car can withstand tremendous physical exertion.

All sidewall panels and doors are covered with energy-absorbing materials to reduce the risk of injury Vod-telya and passengers.

The electronic immobilizer and door locks to withstand most hacking attempts, help protect the vehicle from theft. When you move away from the car, your path is illuminated for a few seconds. Alarm system with remote control available as an option. With its help, you can also attract the attention of others in danger.

Front and rear crumple zones dissipate and distribute the forces resulting from an impact to reduce the physical on-gruzok acting on finding a car-ing people.

Volvo S40 and V40 have luggage straps securing not only for the safety of your belongings, but also for the safety of you and your passengers. The luggage compartment also has a recess with a mesh bag to hold in an upright position. You can easily convert one, two or three rear seats completely flat luggage space. And if you lower the backrest forward front passenger seat, you get a space length of 2.7 meters from the dashboard to the tailgate or rear door opening!

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