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Hyundai Accent (2000 release)

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Hyundai Accent
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Hyundai Accent (2000 release)

Model: Accent produced the largest automaker in South Korea - Hyundai Motors Corp since 1994.

The car combines original exterior, interior comfort, ease of management, and a wide choice of options, plus fuel economy, gained wide popularity throughout the world, as evidenced by the high level of sales. The first generation Accent is rightfully received the title of a family car.

With the introduction of the Accent was the beginning of Hyundai engines equipping their own production (previously firm enjoyed powertrains Mitsubishi).

In 1999, the world was represented by second-generation Accent. The new generation of noticeably increased in size, the car became wider and 13 cm longer than its predecessor. The body design made according to the latest achievements of the automotive industry. The low sloping hood and a large angle of inclination of the windscreen ensure a low drag coefficient. The changes were made and the interior. A new front panel and trim materials. Salon has become more functional and comfortable. The driving position is different decent ergonomics and good visibility.

Tselnoformovannaya design of the instrument panel provides a decent ergonomics. Placement of each instrument and control have been thoroughly tested under actual operating conditions. The compact arrangement behind the steering wheel display devices with white backlight and provide easy readability of the field of vision of the driver. Optimally planned controls are convenient and comfortable. Tselnoformovannaya rounded bar smoothly and gently enters the finishing panel door. This is the optimal design solution increases the inner space of the cabin.

Experts Hyundai took care of raising the level of noise reduction and reducing fuel consumption. The latter was achieved by the new system, which prevented from entering back into the fuel tank, had time to warm up in the area of the engine when releasing the accelerator pedal by the driver. This made the car as a more environmentally friendly and more economical.

The car was produced as a hatchback with three or five doors, as well as a sedan.

Accent second generation had three variants:

L - standard equipment, the standard equipment includes only adjustable driver's seat height adjustment.

LS - differs from the basic presence inside door handles protected against accidental opening and a richly upholstered seat. If desired, the air conditioner can be installed.

GLS - heated rear window with timer, driver's seat with adjustable tilt and armrest, down piece by piece back rest. Perhaps the presence of ABS, Conditioner, elektroregulirovok mirrors, windows and central locking.

On the Accent installed petrol engines working volume of 1,3 and 1,5 liter capacity from 70 to 91 hp, equipped with a carburetor or injection. In the GS and GLS trim injection engine is standard.

Suspension tough on the cars with all body styles - fully independent, with two stabilizer bars. Front brakes - disc, ventilated, rear - drum.

Since 2001, the Hyundai Accent started to produce at the Taganrog car plant.

In 2003, coming third in the generation. Novelty change, both in terms of design and technical parts. The novelty entirely new look of the front of the body, the idea is borrowed from the new Hyundai Coupe - similar solution grille, recognizable large headlights. Small changes were also subjected to the side body panels and rear of the vehicle. Updated and salon Accent, received a new front panel design and new materials and finishes. Overall Accent received a modern design, while maintaining the overall silhouette and the style of the previous modification.

Accent third generation is available with two engines: a 1.3-liter capacity of 84 hp and 1.5-liter diesel engine with direct fuel injection capacity of 82 hp.

There are two types of gearbox: 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. With a manual gearbox the engine consumes about 5 liters per 100 km. Hyundai Accent sprints to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds, top speed - 173 km / h.

The car has a trunk of 375 liters. The design, in which the lower edge of the tailgate comes to bumper, facilitates the loading. Galvanized body has excellent resistance to corrosion.

The steering column with the rack and pinion, and all the major controls are optimally adapted for easy, effortless use, and the shape, texture and color of the trim carefully chosen to create the most favorable microclimate inside the car. Accent features a spacious cabin with comfortable ergonomic chairs.

Hyundai Accent latest generation features a modern design, powerful engine, high security and compactness. Accent - one of the best cars from Hyundai.

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