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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

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Jeep Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee
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The V8 engine
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Automatic Transmission
Transfer Case
Clutch and transmission line
Suspension and steering
The system of on-board electrical equipment
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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

The first generation of Grand Cherokee set new standards in off-road world. The appearance of the Grand Cherokee has been so successful that it has not changed for six years. Only the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee first generation removed from production and replaced with a more advanced model of the same name. The second-generation luxury SUV was issued under the symbol WJ.

The new performance SUV got smoother body lines, changed the form of block headlights, front bumper and fog lights in perfect harmony, but at the same time to maintain continuity with the previous model Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ.

In the 1999 model year because of the power units of the first generation stored only gasoline, the volume of 4.0 liters. (190 hp), but there were two new engines: a 5-cylinder diesel engine capacity of 3.1 liters capacity (140 hp) and an 8-cylinder V-shaped petrol 4.7 liter 220 hp For the European market a modification equipped with the 2.7-liter turbodiesel.

All engines are set only adaptive automatic hydromechanical 4-step "automatic". All-wheel drive transfer case equipped with a gear system with Quadra-Trac II (in the US - Quadra Drive II), automatically remaps the engine torque between the axles in a ratio of from 0 to 100%. The rear axle is equipped with limited slip differential Van-Corn, regulates the distribution of torque at the wheels with the built-viscous clutch according to their slip.

In 2003, at the Geneva Motor Show, was presented an updated version of the SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee. New items are easily distinguished from the older modification of a bit different design front of the body where there is a new grille, slightly different headlamps with transparent caps and integrated fog lights in the bumper.

Despite the popularity of model became obsolete, and it urgently needed to upgrade. And here at the New York Auto Show in 2004 was brought to the public the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The third generation offers improved power, excellent road performance and well-equipped interior.

New Design Grand Cherokee dynamic and aggressive grille emphasize and round halogen headlights. The car has increased in length and width, the rear lights were larger, the windshield became flatter, improved aerodynamic qualities. In short, the appearance of Grand Cherokee III has not undergone any drastic changes, but still with the previous generation it will not mix.

Inside the SUV changed much stronger - now it's design is maintained in the European spirit. Salon is very ergonomic, spacious and cozy. Two-tone seats are in harmony with the dash of the same color. Dark top panel plays not only aesthetic, but also practical role - in bright sunlight it discards less glare. Seat cushions have become more resilient. The interior decoration used only high quality materials. The machine is equipped with Boston Acoustics audio system with 6 speakers, you can order the optional DVD-system for the rear passengers.

Top Model: Grand Cherokee equipped with a 5.7-liter 8-cylinder engine capacity of 325 liter HEMI. a .. It is the most powerful machine ever offered for the Grand Cherokee. It also applied the technology of variable volume MDS (Multi Displacement System) - in cases where the full engine power is not needed, it disables four of the eight cylinders, saving fuel. It has been improved and a 4.7-liter V8, used in the previous generation model. Now he produces 230 liters. from. power and 393 Nm of torque. The base model comes with a 3.7-liter V6 rated at 210 hp. from. and torque of 319 Nm. All engines are paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

A brand new independent front suspension provides complete control of the driver to control and reduce the weight of the car. In the back of the set of 5-link suspension with stabilizer bar.

For the first time in the SUV Jeep in the basic equipment of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is included Electronic Stability Programme ESP, which helps the driver to cope with difficult road conditions and reduces the risk of skidding. All this, as well as increased spacing allowed to raise the manageability of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee to the next level.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee has developed two new all-wheel drive system. System Quadra-Trac II with a reduction side, electronically controlled locking center differential and braking system stalled wheels 4 BTC allows the car to feel confident on the road. The system Quadra-Drive II with a reduction and a number of electronically controlled locking differentials 3: axle, front and rear axles, provides a new Jeep Grand Cherokee striking off-road qualities.

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