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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee
Adjustment and routine maintenance
The straight six-cylinder engine
The V8 engine
Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
The power supply system and exhaust
The system of electric motor
Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
Manual box of a gear change
Automatic Transmission
Transfer Case
Clutch and transmission line
Suspension and steering
The system of on-board electrical equipment
Controls and operation receptions
Meeting with a car
Starting and driving
The instrument panel and interior equipment
Trailer towing
Emergency towing vehicle
Towing a vehicle with a view to starting the engine

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Controls and operation receptions

Meeting with a car

Keys, locks and bolts

Set of keys

Set of keys issued with the purchase of a new car is packed in a plastic envelope bearing the license plate code it. If you get the keys without a package, ask a representative of dealer branch where you purchased the car to tell you the license code keys.

Includes two keys - the main and service. The master key fits all locks on the vehicle, while the service is only for unlocking / locking the driver's door and lock control switch. The master key should be kept by the owner of the vehicle, while the service can be transferred valet parking service centers or masters, who can not get with it even in the glove compartment the dashboard.

Master Key (left) and the service key (right).

The introduction of the key into the ignition and extract it back

Do not forget before leaving the vehicle, remove the key from the ignition. Check if locked all the doors!

The key features of bilateral beard and can be inserted into the lock in any way. Enter the key all the way into the hole of the cylinder ignition and turn it to the desired from the marked position in the accompanying illustration. The introduction of the key into the lock and removing it back is possible only in the LOCK position of the cylinder. To convert inserted into the lock key to LOCK pre-press it (AT selector lever must be in position P).

The provisions of the ignition lock cylinder.

If you open the driver's door when inserted into the ignition key, you will hear a warning buzzer, reminding the driver to remove the key.

Lock the steering column

The car is equipped with a steering column blocker passive type. Lock prevents driving if extracted from the ignition key. If the steering wheel is turned by no more than a half-turn in each direction, and the key removed from the ignition, the steering column is locked so.

In order to produce a steering lock, turn it upside down, stop the engine and remove the key from the ignition. Now gently tug steering wheel, turning it in either direction for input into interlocking engagement.

Disconnecting is made by a small lock turning the key in the ignition switch to either side.

If the steering lock was made by turning it to the right / left, and to disable the steering wheel must be turned in the same direction.

Door Locks

The main addition to the ignition key is also suitable for all car doors, including the tailgate.

In order to unlock or lock the door, enter the key into the lock cylinder lock it.

The master key fits the lock all the car doors.

After unlocking the tailgate, it can be repeatedly opened and shut without a key. To open the tailgate, pull the handle outwards.

When the tailgate is not completely closed in the interior of the vehicle during its movement to penetrate the exhaust gases containing highly toxic and dangerous to human health and life, carbon monoxide (CO)! Before you start driving make sure the reliability of closing the tailgate.

Releasing the lock hinged glass tailgate (may be included in an additional vehicle) is performed simultaneously with the unlocking of the latter. To open the window press the top lever switch located on the plate of the plate. When opening the hinged windows automatically disable the rear wiper to prevent accidental start-up.

Handle on the tailgate (upper arrow) and release the latch lever to switch folding glass door of a back (lower arrow).

When loosely closed hinged glass tailgate in the interior of the vehicle during its movement to penetrate the exhaust gases containing highly toxic and dangerous to human health and life, carbon monoxide (CO)! Before you start, check the movement of the glass is firmly closed.

All the doors of the car equipped with an internal lock rychazhkovogo type. To lock the door in closing be advanced enough to LOCK rychazhkovy switch on the inner side thereof.

To automatically lock the doors when it put the collapse of rychazhkovy switch inside the door to LOCK.

After the collapse unlocking the rear doors from the inside is possible only after the withdrawal of their rychazhkovyh switch from LOCK. The front doors can be opened by using the interior handles.

For reasons of general safety, all the car doors while driving should be blocked!

The rear door of the car is further equipped with special interlocks, allowing them to prevent the possibility of unlocking from inside the cabin. These interlocks mandatory should be used when transporting children. To activate lock down lower lever, located above the latch bolt on the rear end of the door. Shutdown is performed by switching the lock lever to the top position.

Lock the door lock, preventing the possibility of its release inside the cabin.

In the event of an accident do not forget that when the reverse lock car doors can be opened only from the outside - make sure that the rear passengers are able to get in the car!

Electrical system of the uniform lock

Switches control activators of door-locks

Management activators locks all the doors (including the tailgate) made by means of a keyboard type switches located on the arms of the driver and front passenger doors. To lock the locks click on the right half of the key lock to unlock - to the left.

Rocker switch control electric door activators of the uniform lock.

Lock the doors using the controls or the remote control (RC) is not possible in the following cases:

  • The driver's door opened, and the key is removed from the ignition.
  • The driver's door opened, and the headlamps are not repaid.

After the lock opening the rear doors from inside the passenger compartment is only possible after releasing the levers blockers. The front doors can be opened by using the interior handles.

Remote control door lock activators single

Using the remote control car door can be unlocked from a distance without the use of a key.

Remote control door locks activators.

The receiver is located in the single lock assembly of a lantern lighting the cabin or in the central part of the roof console. Approaching the car far enough (about 3 meters), the remote controller at the receiver, and then, depending on the task button LOCK (Lock) or UNLOCK (Unlock) on its front panel.

There are obstacles between the remote and the receiver of the uniform lock can prevent triggering of actuators, in any case significantly reduces the range of the remote. Medium-range (unobstructed) control is about 3 m.

At the time of using the remote control on its front panel indicator lamp should light up, confirming the adequacy of the level of charge of its battery. Average battery life is one year, followed by a return shrunken set two new elements such as voltage on CR1616 3V When the replacement watch the installation of the correct polarity (symbols "" and "-" engraved on their body).

The remote control unit is quite vulnerable and can be damaged during heavy shaking. Do not drop the remote control and do not throw a bunch of keys, which he is attached.

The receiver of the uniform lock provides reception of signals (and tripping on them door activators) multiple (up to four) remote controls. To program the remote with a view to using them on your car, make the following procedure:


  1. Unlock the driver's door and leave it open for the duration of programming consoles.
  2. Turn the lock lever to the mechanical drive lock to LOCK.
  3. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the RUN / ON (see. Illustration).
  4. For the next 20 seconds to send the receiver to be programmed remote control and press the LOCK button on its front panel. Hold for 5 seconds, during which the electronic module of the receiving unit is set for the signal code of the remote control and confirm the successful completion of the setup operation by activating and unlocking the door locks.
  5. At the end of the first programming the remote, you can prepare a receiver to receive signals from more (a total of up to 4). Within 20 seconds after the programming of the first remote move the lever to the mechanical drive the driver's door to the LOCK position and repeat this procedure for the next console.
  6. In order to keep the codes entered in the receiver's memory, you must within 20 seconds after the end of the last programming the remote to switch off and switch on the ignition again. At this point, all previously recorded codes will be replaced by new ones.

At the moment of unlocking the door locks activators of the uniform lock with the remote control, as well as opening doors automatically turn on the interior light. These lamps remain lit for about 30 seconds or until the ignition is switched on (turning the key to position ON - see. Illustration).

Anti-theft alarm

Sensitive sensors monitor the state of the doors (including the tailgate), hood, folding glass and in the case of signs of intrusion into the vehicle shall incorporate audio and visual alarms. During the first 3 minutes of the horn will emit a buzz, then head lights and tail lights continue to flash for a further 15 minutes. The ability to start the engine will be blocked until the system shutdown.

The alarm is made responsive to a single door lock actuators lock (by push buttons or by remote control). After disabling the 30-second interior lighting (see. P. "At the time of unlocking the door locks ...") on the dashboard starts flashing warning lamp introduction of the anti-theft alarm. The lamp stops flashing after about 15 seconds to confirm the successful completion of setting the alarm. If the lamp during this time period remains on continuously, check the hood is firmly closed.

If the warning light stays on continuously while using the car, consult your dealer division of Chrysler.

If at the time of unlocking the door with a key or a signal from the remote control emits a horn triple buzz, it means that your system is the absence of anti-theft alarm fire. Check for signs of intrusion into the vehicle by unauthorized persons.

Anti-theft alarm system is intended as a means of protecting the vehicle. Nevertheless, there are situations in which there is its failure. If staying in a car, you accidentally produce door lock key switch or by remote control, anti-theft alarm to sound when you try to open the doors from inside the handle. Involuntary system shutdown occurs when a key unlocking the tailgate. Once the door is closed to re-initiation of signaling will occur.

Activate the anti-theft alarm occurs when the battery is connected after the maintenance or repair of the vehicle. Thus all exterior lights are included in the flashing mode, and ignition locks. Turning off the system is done by turning the key in the lock any of the doors, or when triggered by activating a single lock remote control.

Systems of safety and limitation of movement of the driver and passengers

Ensuring the safety of people in the car is one of the most important and responsible tasks of designers and developers. The main node designed to perform this task are the driver's seat belts, front and rear passengers and driver airbag. Standard belts can also be used for fixing of special devices for the transport of infants and young teens.

Pay attention to set out in this section information - it will help you get the most out of the car equipped with security systems.

Seat belts

general information

Violation of the rules for use of seat belts greatly increases the risk of injury in the event of a collision! Do not forget to fasten your seat belt and make sure that all are fastened in your car passengers.

Remember that rubbed or torn belt during a collision may tear without thereby fulfilling its function. Regularly check the condition of belts, buckles, anchoring clamps and return devices of seat belts. Damaged components must be replaced immediately nodes standard design. Mandatory replacement triggered belt should also be made after the accident.

On the need to fasten the seat belts resemble the warning lamp on the instrument panel of a vehicle (see. Section Starting and driving), and the alarm buzzer.

Remember that a solid driving experience in any case does not give the right to disregard the use of seat belts. Wear a seat, even in the case of travel on very short distance. Do not forget that not all road users are disciplined and experienced drivers, so the probability of collision occurs constantly as far away from home and on your own street.

Experimental studies show that the use of seat belts allows to reduce the risk of death of the occupants of the vehicle during a collision. The most serious injuries are usually obtained as a result of throwing a person from the car. It is this and allow the seat belts to avoid, but because each participant, the driver or passenger should be adequately and properly fastened.

Belts universal type

general information

The lap section of the universal belt should be routed so that it covers the most powerful hip bones of the skeleton. Improper donning belt increases the risk of injury in a collision! Strictly follow these instructions and putting on seatbelt wearing.

Putting a belt of two people is unacceptable in view of the significant reduction in the effectiveness of the belt. In addition, during the collision, both passenger may suffer as a result of hitting each other!

Located near the front door and the rear seat of a vehicle equipped with safety belts generic type.

Each consists of a universal seat belt and shoulder sections. Inertia-return device provides a blocking belt only with a sharp jerk of his (at the time of emergency braking or a collision). This belt freely unwound from the drum when the latter is pulled, allowing a convenient way to place it on the body of the driver / passenger.

Rules universal seat belts

To buckle buckle is not on your belt clip not provide you with adequate security. The lap section of the belt can pass at the same time too high, covering less strong bones. Make sure that the belt is always buttoned nearest to your seat lock.

There may be no placement of the belt is too loose. When braking body will have time to buy a delivery injury acceleration. Make sure that the belt tightly covered torso.

In no case do not miss the section of the shoulder belt under the arm - while also significantly reducing the efficiency of its action. Belt slung across his chest so that the maximum load on impact accounted for the strongest bones.

Take your seat in the car and close the door. Leaning back in his seat and adjust.

Buckle the belt is at the front door just above the edge of the seat back. Grasp the buckle and pull the strap from the return unit. Loop the shoulder section of the belt across the chest and straighten Posnov on hips.

Pull the belt buckle for the return of the device.

If the length of the belt allows snap the buckle into the lock mechanism latch located under the seat cushion to the opposite side.

Snap the buckle into the lock latch.

Loop the waist section of the belt across the hips, just below the stomach. In order to pick up the slack, pull the shoulder belt section. To loosen the belt, tilt the buckle and pull myself Posnov section. Dense planting belt reduces the risk of slipping beneath the body in a collision.

Too high waist pad belt section is fraught with internal injuries in an accident. Make sure that the main burden falls on the strongest hip bone!

The shoulder belt section must be conveniently located on the chest, without affecting the cervical spine. Slack will be selected automatically return the device.

Twist the belt can result in cuts of soft tissues of the body during strong impact in a collision. Make sure that the belt was continually cracking down on his chest and thighs!

To release from the belt press PRESS lock lock buckle. The belt is automatically rewound onto the drum of the return unit. If necessary, slide down the buckle webbing, giving him the opportunity to hit the road completely.

Pregnant women with the seat-belt should ensure that it is strictly belt section located on the hips and avoid throwing it through the abdomen. In the event of a collision the main burden will fall on the powerful hip bone, well able to protect the fetus.

When seat-belt versatile teenager or stunted passenger take care that it is positioned in the seat vertically and periodically check the density of the belt routing.

The central rear seat lap belt

If too loose lap belt is too high or the laying of its passengers during a collision can slip under the belt and get injured. Make sure that the belt tightly hugged the hips, and the main burden in the event of a collision accounted for the strong bones of the hip belt of the skeleton.

Sitting in the middle of the rear seat passengers must wear seat specifically provided for lap belt. For the fastening of the belt buckle latch into the lock latch.

In order to lengthen the lap belt, tilt the buckle and pull. Shortening the strap is made by pulling the free end of the tape. Make sure that the belt tightly covered thigh. Take a comfortable position on the seat, press firmly to the back and adjust the length of the belt so that it fits your torso covered.

Capacity seat belts

Using a seat belt extender without a strong need for this is dangerous! Use an extension cord only when the full length of the standard belt is not enough to clip a full passenger.

If the seat belt is too short for a complete fastening rights, separation of Chrysler dealer can purchase a special extension cable, allowing to increase the belt to the desired size. Extension should be used only when the length of a standard belt is missing. Otherwise, unplug it and fold in the glove compartment or luggage compartment of a vehicle.

Devices for transportation of infants and young children

Chrysler's designers have developed special devices for transport in a vehicle infants and young children. When installing these devices on a standard car seats are strictly follow the instructions of their manufacturer. If necessary, consult a specialist dealer branch.


general information

Have a car airbag does not release the driver from the need to use seat belt. Too close to the location of the steering wheel while turning the pillow is fraught with injury!

For the effective deployment of the air between the steering wheel and the driver must remain sufficient space. Sit up straight, put your hands comfortably on the steering wheel, fasten your seat belts.

Cars equipped with the brand considered a driver airbag. The unit is mounted in the hub of the steering wheel and in the event of a severe frontal impact it provides instant gas filling made of a dense material cushion. Together with the safety belt and knee protection airbag provides reliable protection of the driver in a frontal collision of a vehicle.

Block airbags mounted in the steering wheel hub.

The system is equipped with airbags mounted in the instrument panel warning lamp If the lamp does not illuminate when the ignition remains on after the engine starts or comes on while driving, the car should be driven away to perform the appropriate diagnosis and necessary repairs to a workshop of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

The main components of the airbag system are: shock sensor, unit self-diagnosis, control lamp, activation module mounted thereon pillow, steering wheel and column of a special design, connecting wiring and knee protection (see. Illustration below).

Knee protection (indicated by arrows).

Principle of operation

Shock sensors

The sensors are located in front of the vehicle and its passenger compartment and provide actuation module activation airbag when the front acceleration pin reaches a certain value. The sensors do not have to respond to the sliding, side and rear impact, as well as turning over the car. Inside the sensors are equipped with switches that are connected to the unit self-diagnosis system and the module activation pillows.

Unit self

The unit checks the condition of the functioning of the electronic components of the system each time when you turn the ignition switch to START or RUN / ON (see. Illustration). Some of these components include all of those listed in paragraph. "The main components of the airbag system ...", with the exception of the steering wheel, column and knee protection.

When you first turn on the ignition switch unit provides the airbag warning lamp on the dashboard of the car at the time of 6 to 8 seconds. Then the lamp should go. When performing diagnostics on the system revealed any wrongdoing, the lamp will remain on continuously or switches to flashing.

Module activation / airbag

The module is located in the center of the steering wheel. When acceleration occurs when a head-on collision reaches a sufficient value, shock sensor sends a signal to trigger the module. This module provides a gas generator release of large amounts of non-toxic nitrogen provides instant inflation made of durable material cushion. Decorative cover in the center of the steering wheel tilts and turns pillow, filling the space between the wheel and the body of the driver. The whole process takes about 50 milliseconds, which corresponds to about half the time it takes a man to blink centuries. Almost immediately from the nitrogen cushion is available through the vents, aimed towards the instrument panel, and therefore, operation of a pillow is not able to prevent the driver in driving the sector or limit its review.

The consequences of airbag deployment

Once tripped airbag will not protect the driver when a collision again! The module must be replaced as soon as possible in dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Do not mount the vehicle knives shoveling snow, winches and other non-standard equipment that is not designed into the front end. Installing such equipment can disrupt the functioning of the sensors serviceability impact airbag system!

Inflation pillows produced almost instantly on impact sensor signal responsive to certain frontal acceleration forces. Almost immediately cushion deflates.

Not enough severe frontal impact should not lead to the triggering of pillows, so should not be considered a sign of the lack of response of the system malfunction.

Airbag Deployment may have some side effects:

  • Contact with nylon cushions exposed skin can result in abrasions, similar in nature reserves on hand for burns received in friction of nylon rope or by grazing incidence on the carpet in the gym. In no case can not be explained by contact with a chemically aggressive environment! Nevertheless, it should not be neglected medical help.
  • During the release of nitrogen from the air bags can not be ruled haze formation, in fact are tiny particles of non-toxic by-products of gasification. Contact these particles with the mucous membranes of the human body can cause a slight irritation, can be easily removed by washing with clean cool water. To eliminate the sore throat or nose enough to get out of the cabin into the open air. If necessary, consult a doctor.
  • If, after the deployment of the air vehicle can continue driving, blown away the pillow should be folded and stuffed into the cavity in the hub of the steering wheel.

Service airbag system

Any type of modification of the components of an airbag system could lead to a denial of its response at the right moment! Do not try to change the electrical wiring system or fix the decorative cover in the central part of the steering column and the different kinds of ribbons bandages. Do not make any modifications to the front of the vehicle!

Under the steering column must be installed reliable protection of the driver's knees (see. Illustration 1.48) - in any case, do not attach it to the panels, no additional equipment or use them for storing foreign objects!

In no case do not try to repair the independent exercise of any of the components of the system! This work should be entrusted to experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Below is a list of reasons for which should be referred to experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler, versed in the airbag system:

  • Airbag Warning Lamp does not light up at 6 ÷ 8 seconds when the ignition is first turned on, or immediately enters flashing.
  • The lamp remains lit continuously or flashing mode upon completion (6 ÷ 8) -sekundnogo control period
  • The lamp is switched on continuously or flashing mode while driving.

In case of refusal of the speedometer, tachometer and gauges operating parameters of the engine module activation airbags also fails. In such a situation, you should try to replace the fuse number 22 in the mounting block.

Adjusting the seat

Perform adjustment of the driver's seat while driving is dangerous! With a sharp jerk is easy to lose control, also it can easily be broken correctly laid belt. Adjusts the seat position before driving.

Front seats with manual transmission (standard)

Adjusting the seat frame

In order to move the seat as desired forward or backward, pull up the front of the pillow under his control bracket. Release the clip and fidgeting, make sure that the seat is securely locked in position.

Adjusting the front seat frame (arrow shows the clamp control).

Adjusting the backrest

During the movement of the seatback must not be tilted too much when the belt has no longer cling to your chest, as in this case, the collision will be incapable of belt hold the body. Recline the seat is recommended only when stationary!

To adjust the seatback, lift assembly is located under the seat cushion and fold the arm with the back in a comfortable position. Returning back to the vertical position occurs automatically when the lever is pulled up.

Adjusting the backrest (arrow shows the control lever).

Adjusting height of the head restraint

Headrests provide reliable protection of the cervical spine in the event of an impact to the car behind. The headrest is usually set to the highest position.

The headrest should be installed in the highest position.

Power front seats for six degrees of freedom (optional)

To prevent damage to the electric components do not stack any objects under the seat!

Electric control panel located on the outer side of the frame each rest directly under his pillow.

Electrically front seats.

Adjusting the height of the seat position is carried out by the central switch - turn the lever up or down, respectively.

To move the seat forward or backward, turn the lever to the (central) forwards or backwards.

The inclination of the seat back is adjusted using the switch rychazhkovogo A.

To cushion tilt adjustment, use the switch B.

Folding rear seats split type

Both side rear seatback folded, allowing, if necessary, to significantly expand the amount of luggage.

To facilitate the folding rear seat backrest, slide the front seat forward until it stops, and turn their backs to the upright position. The following describes the procedure of folding the rear seat.

Each is equipped with rear seat cushions fixed to the back part of the special beadle, pulling you, you can pick up a pillow, clutching the back of the front seat.

The pillow is pressed against the back of the front seats (in the inset shows the location of the loop).

To further expand the volume of the luggage compartment rear seat can be removed. Turn the pillow floor at 45 ?°. If we now draw up a pillow, his arms will be liberated from its anti-theft locks and can be removed. Installation is in the reverse order.

To remove the head restraints from the rear seat backrests turn clockwise special locking sleeve. Now, to remove the head restraint, it will be enough to pull straight up from the slot guide.

Rear headrests feature locking sleeves.

After removing the head restraints can be fixed in the special slots provided in the stacked pillows - jacks are also equipped with locking sleeves securely locking pins headrests.

Find the bottom of the outside of the respective seat back special lever, pull the lever back and fold the backrest forward.

Location of the lever is released, the rear seatback.

To fix the rear universal seat belts with folded rear seat sections on their shoulder and side trim panels are special locks looped-hook type.

To return the rear seat to its original working condition, lift it back and lock them in an upright position. If placed in the luggage compartment cargo can not completely lift back, return to the starting position the pillow will be difficult. The handle lock will not completely put a pillow - a safety lock ensures stability of fixing the seat back when installed on a device for transporting children.

Electrically windows

To prevent children pampering power window operates only when the ignition (key in position ON / RUN). Each of the side windows are equipped with individual control panel to switch keyboard type. To lower the window, press the down arrow key to lift - up. The driver's door is equipped with a universal control panel which allows windows to operate all door windows.

Control panel electric windows.

Rear view mirrors

Interior rearview mirror

Interior rearview mirror with manual switching day and night position

Mirror should take a position to provide an overview of exactly through the center of the rear window of the car. With rychazhkovogo switch located at the bottom of the mirror housing, the latter can be transferred during the daytime or at night a position that avoids glare beam headlights car overtaking vehicle. To transfer the position of the mirror at night, pull the lever switch on.

Lever manual translation mirror night position.

Interior mirror with automatic muting of the reflected light

This mirror automatically reduces the intensity of the reflected beam headlights car overtaking vehicles. Enabling and disabling the device is made by means located at the bottom of the mirror housing of a button. When the system is activated in the control lamp lights up.

The power button of the automatic mute the intensity of the reflected light.

Exterior mirrors

general information

Cars and other objects, as reflected in a convex mirror glass right look smaller and more remote than if the glass was flat. Before you perform the maneuver, reconstructed in the right lane check the condition of the road behind the internal mirror, trying not to rely too much on reflection in the right-side!

Properly adjusted side mirrors should be aimed exactly at the middle of the adjacent lanes and slightly overlap the field of view of the internal mirror. Adjusting the unequipped electric mirrors is done manually by rotating the frame of his glasses.

Heated exterior mirrors (optional)

Power to the heating elements are supplied simultaneously with the mirrors switching on the heated rear window.
Exterior mirrors with electric drive (optional)

Combined control switch electric adjustment position door mirrors located at the bottom left on the dashboard of the car. To adjust the left mirror, set the central lever switch to L, the right - to R. Tilt mirrors made using four keys.

Combined control switch electric adjustment position door mirrors.

Bonnet release lever

Ajar hood may open unexpectedly while driving, blocking the driver field of view! Make sure to securely lock latch fire in closing the bonnet.

To open the bonnet, pull the lever A to the left under the dashboard. Then exit the car, stick one hand under the slightly raised hood and pull the handle of a safety latch B. Lift the hood and prop.

Bonnet release lever inside the vehicle (A) and under the hood latch handle (B).

When lifting the bonnet automatically turn the lamp lighting the engine compartment.

Parking brake

Try not to leave children unattended in the vehicle. Advance warning them that touch the parking brake lever, as well as the shift is dangerous!

Do not lock your kids and pets in a car parked in the sun - is too high probability of getting heat stroke!

To cock the parking brake, pull up the handle much of its drive lever, located in the center console between the front seats of the car. If the parking brake is cocked with the ignition on the dashboard warning lamp should light up.

The indicator lamp only confirms charging the parking brake does not reflect the development of the braking force at the same time.

Before leaving the parked on a sloping stretch of road vehicle, make sure the reliability of charging the parking brake and do not forget to transfer the AT to P / enable Manual transmission into first gear. Make sure that the transfer case is not in the neutral position, as otherwise the car is not safe from rolling downhill regardless of the position of the transmission.

When the vehicle is parked on a sloping stretch of road, it is important to cock the parking brake before you start the AT switch to position P, as otherwise the locking mechanism of transmission would be under load and the selector lever and then it will be difficult to shift into gear.

Do not forget to compulsorily wind up the parking brake before leaving the car.

To release the hand brake pull the lever up slightly, press located at the end of his arm button and fully lower the lever down. Make sure that the warning lamp on the instrument panel goes out - motion with cocked parking brake can lead to brake failure.

If the car is equipped with an automatic regulator rear brakes, the drafters of the Guidelines do not recommend the owner to make any adjustments on their own - such responsibility should be entrusted with the work of experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Recommendations for the run-in of the new car

All necessary for the normal operation of the vehicle engine settings are made in the factory specialists Chrysler. To maximize vehicle life and achieve high efficiency return the engine for hundreds of kilometers / miles driven should follow some specific rules. In the paragraphs below is a list of rules and restrictions that must be observed during the running of a vehicle:

  • Regularly check the level of coolant and motor oil. Try to identify when signs of overheating of the various components of the car. In the running-in period the engine has a tendency to consume more and more fuel oil, so do not worry lack of efficiency of consumption for the first 1900 km (1200 miles).
  • Before turning on the transmission after a cold start let it warm up for at least 15 seconds.
  • For the first 160 km (100 miles) Avoid driving at a speed of over 80 km / h (50 miles / h), further to a mark of 800 km (500 miles) on the counter odometer try not to reach speeds of over 88 km / h (55 miles / h). Avoid wide open throttle position and try as much as possible to reduce the periods of operation of the engine at idle.
  • In the running-in period the engine does not need charging any particular oil. No need to also performing an oil change and oil filter before the stipulated schedule of routine maintenance of the car (see chap. Adjustment and routine maintenance). Do not add any motor oil additives, as they can interfere with normal break-in of the piston rings.

Vehicle refueling

To open the fuel filler tank, pull up the lever located on the floor of the car between the driver seat and the right door threshold. On the arm there is an inscription FUEL DOOR and a depiction of the fuel pump.

The lever opening the fuel filler tank.

In case of failure of the drive mechanism for remote unlocking filler flap in the rear side body panels behind the spare wheel has a special emergency cable - open the cover and pulling the cable, open the fuel filler neck.

Cable emergency opening filler flap.

Turn off the engine and remove the fuel filler cap by turning it counterclockwise. Secure the cover in the special provided on the back of the door hatch, lock. To install the cover, tuck it into the neck of the tank and tighten clockwise by at least three clicks.

Opening the filler cap.

The total volume of the fuel tank is 87.4 l.

Requirements for the grade of fuel

The design of power systems and engine management provides good fuel economy in the case of high-quality car refueling with unleaded fuel.

Use for refueling the car only gasoline with an octane rating no lower than 87 as determined by the method of calculating the arithmetic mean between the values defined by Research and motor pathways: N = (R M) / 2, or, in Russian notation: N = (AI A) / 2.

Periodic appearance of a light knock in the engine when operating at low speed it should not cause much concern. In the case of strong detonation at high speeds should contact the dealership division of Chrysler.

Engine damage due to strong detonation misses the warranty protection.

Furthermore, it shall be unleaded gasoline having an octane number and not less than a specified value, it is recommended to use a fuel containing an additive such as a corrosion inhibitor and a means for increasing the engine speed stability. ?????????µ???µ?????µ ?‚?°???????? ???????° ?????????°?????? ?????·?????ğ???µ?‚ ???????‹?????‚?? ???„?„?µ???‚???????????‚?? ???‚???°?‡?? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ???????ĥ?°?µ?‚ ?µ???? ???°???…????. ???ħ?‹?‡???? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°???????µ ?????????‡?µ?µ ???ğ?°?????° Premium ???ĥ?µ ???????µ???ĥ???‚ ?‚?°?????µ ?????????°??????.

?????????ğ???·?????°?????µ ?????·???????????‚???????? ?‚?????ğ?????° ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ???????????????‚?? ?? ?????·?????????????µ?????? ?‚?°?????… ???????ħ?ğ?µ??, ???°?? ?·?°?‚?????????µ?????‹?? ?·?°???????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??, ???°?????????????·?????ğ?????‹?µ ?µ???? ?????‚?°???????‹ ?? ???°???????µ?????µ ???‚?°?ħ???ğ?????????‚?? ???ħ???????‚????. ?’ ???ğ???‡?°?µ ?????????ğ?µ?????? ?ğ???ħ?????? ???· ???µ???µ?‡?????ğ?µ?????‹?… ?????????‚????????, ???????‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ?????µ?????‚?? ???°?????? ?????????‡?µ???? ?????µ?ĥ???µ, ?‡?µ?? ?????·???????????‚ ?ħ???ğ?µ?µ ???µ?????µ?·???‹?µ ???????ħ?ğ?µ???‹.

???µ?????‚?????‹?µ ???????‚?° ?‚?????ğ?????° ?????µ?????‚?°???ğ?????‚ ?????ħ???? ???????ħ?????°?†???? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????????? ?ħ?µ???·?????°, ?????µ???°?????????? ?? ?‚?°???????? ???????ğ???????????????µ???ĥ?°?‰?????? ?????ħ?°?????°????, ???°?? ?°?ğ?????????ğ?? ?? ???µ?‚???ğ-?‚?µ?‚???°?ħ???‚???ğ?????‹?? (?????’?•) ?? ???‚???ğ-?‚?µ?‚???°?ħ???‚???ğ?????‹?? (?•???’?•) ???„?????‹. ?????? ???‚???? ???°?ĥ?????µ ?·???°?‡?µ?????µ ?????µ?µ?‚ ?‚???? ?? ?????ğ???‡?µ???‚???? ?????ħ?°???ğ?µ?????????? ?? ?‚?????ğ?????? ?????????ğ???‚?µ?ğ??. ?”?????????‚?????‹???? ???ğ?? ?·?°?????°?????? ???°???????°?‚???????°?µ???‹?… ?? ???°???????? ? ???????????????‚???µ ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?µ?? ?????ğ?????‚???? ???ğ?µ???????‰???µ ???????ħ?????°?†????:

  • ?????µ???°?????‹?? ?? ?????’?• ?? ???????‚???????µ?????? ???µ ???‹???µ 15/85 ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????‹?? ?ħ?µ???·????.
  • 17/83 (???µ ???‹???µ) ?????µ???? ?•???’?• ?? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????‹?? ?????????‡?µ??.
  • ?????µ????, ???????µ???ĥ?°?‰?°?? 10% ?????ħ?°?????? ?? ?ħ?µ???·?????? ???‚???ğ?????????? (?????‚???µ????????) ?????????‚?°.

?”???ħ?°???ğ???µ?????µ ?? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????????? ?ħ?µ???·?????? ???µ?‚???ğ?????????? ?????????‚?° ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ???°?????????????°?‚?????? ???‚ 3% ?? ???‹???µ.

?????????ğ???·?????°?????µ ?????????‡?µ????, ???????µ???ĥ?°?‰?µ???? ???µ?‚???ğ?????‹?? ?????????‚ ???° ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ???… ???°???????°?‚???????°?µ?????? ???°?????? ???µ???????????‚?????? ?? ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ?????????µ???‚?? ?·?°?‚?????????µ???????? ?????? ?·?°?????????µ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ???‹?…?????? ???· ???‚?????? ?‡???????‚?????‚?µ?ğ?????‹?… ?????????????µ???‚???? ???????‚?µ???‹ ?????‚?°??????!

???????ħ?ğ?µ???‹, ???????·?°?????‹?µ ?? ?????????ğ???·?????°?????µ?? ?????????‡?µ???? ?? ?????ħ?°?????°???? ???µ?‚???ğ?????????? ?????????‚?° ???µ ???????°???°???‚ ?? ???????????? ???‚???°?·????, ???µ???µ?‡?????ğ?µ?????‹?… ?? ???°???°???‚???????‹?… ???ħ???·?°?‚?µ?ğ?????‚???°?… ?????????°?????? Chrysler.

???????‚?µ???‹ ???????°???ğ?µ?????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?µ??

general information

?’?? ???·?ħ?µ?ĥ?°?????µ ???°???????µ?????? ?????????°?????????‚?? ?„???????†???????????????°?????? ???????‚?µ???‹ ?????‚?°?????? ???‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ?????ħ?ğ?????°?‚?? ???ğ?µ???????‰???µ ?????°?????ğ?°:

  • ???µ ?????????ğ???·?????‚?µ ???ğ?? ?·?°?????°?????? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ?????µ???‰???? ???????‹???µ???????µ ???????µ???ĥ?°?????µ ?????????†?° ???‚???ğ?????????°?????‹?? ?ħ?µ???·????. ???°???????µ?????µ ???°?????????? ?‚???µ?ħ?????°?????? ?‡???µ???°?‚?? ???????ĥ?µ?????µ?? ???„?„?µ???‚???????????‚?? ???‚???°?‡?? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??, ???‹?…???????? ???· ???‚?????? ?????????????µ???‚???? ???????‚?µ?? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ?‚?????????‡???????‚?? ???‚???°?ħ???‚?°???????… ???°?·????, ?° ?‚?°???ĥ?µ ???°???????µ?????µ?? ???°???°???‚???????‹?… ???ħ???·?°?‚?µ?ğ?????‚?? ?????????°?????? Chrysler.
  • ???µ?????‚?????‹?µ ???‚???°?·?‹ ???????‚?µ?? ?????‚?°?????? ?? ?·?°?ĥ?????°?????? ?????????‚ ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ???µ???µ?????µ???? ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ?????????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ??. ?????????ğ?µ?????µ ???µ?·???????? ?·?°???°?…?° ???°???? ?? ?ğ?µ?????????? ???‹???° ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ?????ğ???‚?????? ?????????‚???????? ?‚???µ?ħ?????‰?µ???? ?ħ?µ?·???‚?ğ?°???°?‚?µ?ğ?????????? ???µ???????‚?° ???‚???°?·?° ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??. ???????‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ?ħ?µ?· ?????????µ???ğ?µ?????? ???????·?°?‚?????? ?? ?????µ?????‚?°?????‚?µ?ğ?????? ?????ğ?µ???????????? ???‚???µ?ğ?µ?????? ?????????°?????? Chrysler.
  • ?•???ğ?? ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ?‚???°???????????‚???????? ?????µ?????‚???° ?????µ???????ğ?°???°?µ?‚ ???????‹???µ?????‹?µ ???°???????·???? ???° ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??, ?° ?‚?°???ĥ?µ ?????? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ?? ?????ğ?????? ?·?°???????·?????? ?? ?????ğ?????????… ?????…?????? ?? ?ĥ?°?????????? ???ğ?????°?‚?° ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ???ğ?µ?????µ?‚ ?·?°?????°???ğ???‚?? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????‹?? ?‚?????ğ???????? ???ğ?°?????° Premium, ?????·?????ğ?????‰???? ???·?ħ?µ???°?‚?? ???µ?‚?????°?†????. ?•???ğ?? ???µ?‚?????°?†???? ?????µ ?ĥ?µ ?????·???????°?µ?‚, ???????‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ???????·???‚?? ???°???????·???? ???° ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???? ???·?ħ?µ?ĥ?°?????µ ???‹?…?????° ???· ???‚?????? ???????????µ??.
  • ???µ ???µ???????µ???????µ?‚???? ?????ħ?°???ğ???‚?? ?? ?‚?????ğ?????? ?????????°?????? ???ğ?? ???????‹???µ?????? ?????‚?°???????????? ?‡?????ğ?° ?????????‡?µ???? - ?ħ???ğ?????°?? ?‡?°???‚?? ?‚?°?????… ?????????°?????? ???????µ???ĥ???‚ ???µ?‚?°?????ğ ?? ???????????ħ???? ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ?·?°???µ?‚???????? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ???„?„?µ???‚???????????‚?? ???‚???°?‡?? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ???°???????µ?????? ???°???°???‚???????‹?… ???ħ???·?°?‚?µ?ğ?????‚?? ?????????°?????? Chrysler.
  • ???‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ???µ ?????‹?…?°?‚?? ???‚???°?ħ???‚?°???????µ ???°?·?‹ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? - ?????? ???????µ???ĥ?°?‚ ?? ???‹?????µ?? ???‚?µ???µ???? ?‚?????????‡???‹?? ?????????????????? ?????ğ?µ???????° (????), ???????????ħ???????? ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ?‚???ĥ?µ?ğ?????? ???‚???°???ğ?µ?????? ???????°?????·???°. ???µ ?????????????°???‚?µ ???ğ???‚?µ?ğ???????? ???°?ħ???‚?‹ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ?·?°?????‹?‚?‹?… ???????µ?‰?µ???????…. ?“?ğ???????‚?µ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???? ?????µ???? ???ğ???‚?µ?ğ?????‹?… ???‚??????????. ?’?? ?????µ???? ?????????‚?????… ???‚?????????? ?? ???°?ħ???‚?°???‰???? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?µ?? ?????ğ???‡?°???‚?µ ???° ?????ğ?????? ?????‰???????‚?? ???????‚?µ???? ???µ???‚???ğ???†???? ???°?ğ?????°.
  • ???????ĥ?µ?????? ???????µ???ĥ?°?????? ?? ???‚???°?ħ???‚?°???????… ???°?·?°?… ???? ???????????ħ???‚?????µ?‚ ???µ?????ğ???????????‚?? ???‹?????ğ???µ?????? ???????†?µ?????? ?‚?µ?????‰?µ???? ???ħ???ğ???ĥ?????°?????? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? (????. ?“?ğ?°???? ???°???‚?????????? ?? ?‚?µ?????‰?µ?µ ???ħ???ğ???ĥ?????°?????µ ). ?§?µ???µ?· ?‚???µ?ħ???µ???‹?µ ?????‚?µ?????°?ğ?‹ ?????µ???µ????/?????ğ?????µ?‚???°?ĥ?° ?????????????°???‚?µ ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ???°?? ?·?µ???ğ?µ?? ?? ?????????µ???????‚?µ ???????‚?????????µ ?????????????µ???‚???? ???????‚?µ???‹ ???‹?????????° ???‚???°?ħ???‚?°???????… ???°?·????. ?’?? ?????µ???? ?????‚???°???????‚?µ ???‹?????ğ?µ?????‹?µ ???µ?„?µ???‚?‹. ?????? ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ?? ?????????µ?ĥ???µ?????‹???? ?????????????µ???‚?°???? ???????‚?µ???‹ ???‹?????????° ???‚???°?ħ???‚?°???????… ???°?·???? ???‚?????‹???°???‚?µ ?????µ ?ħ?????????‹?µ ???????° ?? ?????ğ???‡?°???‚?µ ???° ?????ğ?????? ?????‰???????‚?? ???µ???‚???ğ???†???? ???°?ğ?????°.
  • ???µ???µ?? ???°?‡?°?ğ???? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ?????????µ???????‚?µ ???ğ???‚???????‚?? ?·?°?????‹???°?????? ?????µ???? ?·?°?????° ?? ?µ?µ ???‚?????????????? ???‚?µ???ğ?° (?????? ???????‚???µ?‚???‚???????‰?µ?? ?????????ğ?µ???‚?°?†???? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ??).

???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ???????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ??

???°???????µ?????µ ?????ğ???????? ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ???‹?…?????? ???· ???‚?????? ???????????????‚?????‰?µ???? ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ?????????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ??. ?’ ???ğ???‡?°?µ ?????????ğ?µ?????? ?ğ???ħ?‹?… ?‚???µ?????ĥ???‹?… ?????????‚????????, ?? ???????ħ?µ?????????‚?? ?‚?°?????… ???°?? ???????????????? ?·?°?ĥ?????°?????? ???ğ?? ???????ĥ?µ?????µ ???„?„?µ???‚???????????‚?? ???‚???°?‡?? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???ğ?µ?????µ?‚ ???µ???µ???ğ?µ?????? ?????????·???µ???‚?? ?????°?????????‚?????? ?? ???ħ???ğ???ĥ?????°?????µ ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ??. ?”?°?ğ?????µ?????°?? ?µ???? ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ???‹?…?????? ???· ???‚?????? ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ?????????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ??!

???ħ?????????????°?????‹?µ ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ???????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ?µ?? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ???????ğ?µ?ĥ?°?‚ ?·?°?????°?????µ ?‚???ğ?????? ???µ???‚???ğ?????????°?????‹?? ?‚?????ğ????????. ?’?‹?????????µ ???????µ???ĥ?°?????µ ?????????†?° ?? ???‚???ğ?????????°???????? ?????????‡?µ?? ???????????ħ???? ?????????µ???‚?? ?? ?·?°???µ?‚???????? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ???„?„?µ???‚???????????‚?? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ?ħ?‹???‚???????? ???‹?…?????? ?µ???? ???· ???‚??????. ?????? ???ħ?‹?‡???‹?… ?????ğ?????????… ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ???????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???µ ?????ĥ???°?µ?‚???? ?? ???µ?????ğ?????????? ???ħ???ğ???ĥ?????°??????. ???µ?? ???µ ???µ???µ?µ ???ğ?µ?????µ?‚ ?????µ?ğ???‚?? ?????????°?????µ ?????ħ?ğ?????µ?????? ?????°?????ğ?????‹?… ???°???°???µ?‚?????? ???°???‚?????????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??.

???°???????µ?????µ ???µ?ĥ???????°???????????? ???ğ?????ħ???????????? ???µ?????ğ???????????‡???‹?… ?????‚?????????‚?? ???????‚?µ?? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ?‚?????????‡???????‚?? ?????µ???ğ?µ?????µ?‚???? ?·?°??????????!

???µ ???°?????????‚?µ ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ?? ???°?? ?ğ?µ?????? ?????????ğ?°???µ???????‰?????????? ?????µ?????µ?‚?°????, ???° ???‡?°???‚???°?…, ???????????????… ?????…???? ?‚???°?????? ???ğ?? ?·?°???‹???°?????‹???? ?????°?????????? ?ğ?????‚????????.

?????? ???ğ???‚?µ?ğ???????? ?????????ğ???°?‚?°?†???? ???µ???‚???µ?????ğ?????????°?????????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?????ĥ?µ?‚ ?????·???????????‚?? ?…?°???°???‚?µ?????‹?? ???µ?·?????? ?·?°???°?…, ???ħ?‹?‡???? ???????????????ĥ???°???‰???? ???????†?µ???? ?????ğ???°?????·?°?†???? ???µ?·?????‹. ?”?°?????‹?? ?·?°???°?… ?????ğ???µ?‚???? ???????·???°?????? ???µ?????µ?·???????? ???µ???µ?????µ???° ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ?????????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ??. ?????‚???????ħ???ğ?? ?????ğ?ĥ?µ?? ?ħ?‹?‚?? ???µ???µ???ğ?µ?????? ?????‚?°???????ğ?µ??, ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?·?°???ğ?????µ?? ?? ???…?ğ?°?ĥ???µ??. ?—?°?‚?µ?? ?ħ?µ?· ?????????????? ?????????µ???ğ?µ?????? ???ğ?µ?????µ?‚ ?????????·???µ???‚?? ???µ?????ğ???????????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ??.

?”?ğ?? ?‚??????, ?‡?‚???ħ?‹ ?????µ???‚?? ?? ???????????????? ???µ???????‚???????‚?? ???‹?…?????° ???· ???‚?????? ???°?‚?°?ğ???‚???‡?µ?????????? ?????µ???ħ???°?·?????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???‚?°???°???‚?µ???? ?????ħ?ğ?????°?‚?? ???ğ?µ???????‰???µ ?????°?????ğ?°:

  • ???µ ???ğ???????‚?µ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?? ???µ ?????µ???‹???°???‚?µ ?????????????ħ???°?·?????°?????µ ?? ?†???ğ?????????°?… ?????? ?????‚?°???????ğ?µ???????? ???° ???µ???µ???°?‡?? ?‚???°????????????????, ?° ?‚?°???ĥ?µ ???? ?????µ???? ???????ĥ?µ?????? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ??.
  • ???µ ?·?°?????????°???‚?µ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ?????‚?µ?? ?ħ?????????????????? ???ğ?? ?‚???ğ???°?????? ?°???‚???????ħ???ğ??.
  • ???µ ?????????????°???‚?µ ?„???????†???????????????°?????? ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???° ?…???ğ?????‚?‹?… ???ħ???????‚?°?… ?? ???‚?????µ???????µ?????‹?? ???‚ ?????µ?‡?? ?·?°?ĥ?????°?????? ?’?’ ????????????????.
  • ???·?ħ?µ???°???‚?µ ???ğ???‚?µ?ğ???????? ???°?ħ???‚?‹ ?????????°?‚?µ?ğ?? ???° ?…???ğ?????‚?‹?… ???ħ???????‚?°?… ?? ???ğ???‡?°?µ ???°???????µ?????? ???… ???‚?°?ħ???ğ?????????‚??.
  • ???µ ?????????????°???‚?µ ?????ğ?????? ???‹???°?ħ???‚???? ???????µ???ĥ?°?‰?µ???????? ?? ?ħ?µ???·???ħ?°???µ ?‚?????ğ?????°.

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