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Nissan Almera (from 1995 to 1999, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Nissan Almera
General Information
General requirements for car repair
Operation and maintenance of car
Petrol engines
Diesel engines
A steering
The brake system
Basic information
Body repair
Removing and installing bonnet
Removing and installing front bumper
Removing and installing rear bumper
Removal and installation of a forward wing
Removing and installing the front and rear doors
Removing and installing front door trim
Removing and installing rear door trim
Removal and installation of windows front and rear doors
Removal and installation of the outside door handle
Removing and installing door locks
Removal and installation of glass
Removing and installing tailgate (body type hatchback)
Removing and installing rear lid (sedan type)
Removal and installation of the instrument panel
Heating and ventilation system
Climate control (air conditioning)
The system of airbags and seat belt pretensioners
Scheme of electrical equipment

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Removal and installation of the outside door handle

Details of the castle doors
Fig. 9.27. Details of the castle door: A - three-door front door of a vehicle;
B - Front Door four- and five-door car; B - the back door; 1 - pen drive inside the door lock; 2 - an emphasis;
3 - draft; 4 - an arm traction drive lock;
5 - holders; 6 - external door handle;
7 - an arm of the outside door handle;
8 - lock striker; 9 - shim; 10 - lock the front door; 11 - centralized interlock mechanism; 12 - Rod; 13 - facing the inside door handle lock; 14 - the rear door lock

Remove the door trim. Remove the sealing plate. Disconnect rod that connects the outside door handle to lock the door (Fig. 9.27). Remove the bolts from the outside of the door handle to the box on the inside and remove the outside door handle.
Install handle produce in the reverse order of removal.

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