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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
Routine maintenance and servicing
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The power supply system and exhaust
Electrical system motor
Manual transmission, differential and the main transfer
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Coupling and power shafts
Drive shafts
Repairing drive shaft
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Repairing drive shaft

Details of the disassembled drive shaft with a hinge in the form of stars inside

1 - a lock ring
2 - the internal hinge of equal angular speeds
3 - a lock ring
4 - star hinge

5 - tie the ribbon of rubber cuffs
6 - rubber sleeve
7 - drive shaft

CV Joint Wheel Side, and the ball joint of the right shaft of the car with the injector can not be disassembled. You can only replace the rubber sleeves. The inner constant velocity joint of the left shaft of the injection engine, and the engine carburetor both shafts can be repaired as described below. You can also make out the thrust bearing to replace ball bearing located there, if it is broken.

When disassembling the hinge tripodnogo proceed as follows, guided by an illustration:


  1. Clamp drive shaft in a vice and remove the two tie ribbons rubber cuffs. Strapping can be immediately discarded.
  2. Mark the position of the body relative to the drive shaft of the hinge, and remove from the shaft end.
  3. Hold the drive shaft in a vice as shown in the illustration, mark paint roller and sprocket.
  4. Remove the retaining ring (3) from the shaft end (7). Retaining ring immediately discard.
  5. Set the drive shaft under pressure so that the joint rests on the press table and press out shaft sprocket. Hold the bottom of the shaft, otherwise it will fall down.
  6. Remove the shaft from the rubber sleeve. Clean all parts and inspect. Asterisk does not understand the joint and should be replaced complete if needle roller bearing is broken. Check for wear inside the sprocket hinge slots before you install the item to the place. When assembling the drive shaft, proceed as follows:
  7. Put on a new shaft collar new small collar.
  8. Clamp drive shaft in vice using pads.
  9. Put a star on the shaft of the hinge according to the markings (illustration below). If a new star, it does not matter. The asterisk is on the one hand on the inner side of the grip, and this party must first slide it onto the shaft.

Before removing the hinge mark tripodnogo shaft and joint paint.

  1. Score a star cast light on the shaft of the hinge with a hammer and put a new lock ring (3). The rounded side of the retaining ring facing the sprocket.
  2. Now fill the joint lubricant. Depending on the model of the car is different amount of grease. In the shaft of the car with the engine 1.6 liters of lubricant is 175 - 185 g; on all other vehicles 205 - 215 Press the grease into the joint and install the cuff.
  3. Set a large collar and pull tight. Then bend the end so that it passed between the brackets and bend between the two brackets on the tape.
  4. Stretch cuff size is "L" (see. Illustration below) on cars with engines of 1.6 l is not equal to 89 - 91 mm or other vehicles 96 - 98 mm. In the same way, place a small clamp.

Stretch cuff on the side of the gearbox until the "L" dimension does not match the value in the text.

  1. Shown in constant velocity joint of the drive shaft (hinge Birfilda) can be replaced with the following:
  2. If the joint must be replaced, remove the ABS rotor gear shaft.
  3. After loosening the clamps slide both back on the collar of the hinge shaft.
  4. Remove the retaining ring groove (8) by means of special tongs. Retaining ring immediately discard, as it should not be used a second time.
  5. Mark the installation position of the hinge felt-tip pen on the shaft and remove the joint from the shaft. If the joint needs to be replaced, it can bring down the hammer, holding the shaft in a vise. Otherwise, it should be careful to knock down with a hammer made of light metal.
  6. Thoroughly clean the drive shaft and then tighten the shaft in a vise.
  7. Wear rubber sleeve on the shaft, a large opening to the outside.
  8. Put on the hinge shaft. If they use the same parts, it is necessary to combine labels again.
  9. Screw the old nut of the drive shaft until the end of the level and hammer will hinge on a shaft with a hammer made of light metal as you can snap the retaining ring on the inner side with sharp pliers.
  10. Fill in the required amount of joint lubricant. In the car with the engine 1.6 liters of lubricant is 80 - 110 g, on other engines 110 - 130 g
  11. Set a large collar and pull tight. Then bend the end so that it lay between the brackets and bend both brackets.
  12. Stretch cuff while its length will be the set value (see.
  13. Likewise secure small clamp. Check that both were good clip.

Repair the right shaft of the car with fuel-injected engine

Individual parts of the drive shaft with the thrust bearing

1 - a bolt, 30 - 40 N ??? m
2 - a bolt, 25 - 35 N ??? m
3 - a bolt, 45 - 60 N ??? m
4 - Dust seal
5 - a lock ring
6 - a bolt, 16 - 19 N ??? m
7 - support bracket
8 - the thrust bearing housing
9 - ball

10 - a lock ring
11 - Dust seal
12 - an intermediate shaft
13 - a lock ring
14 - Balls
15 - inner bearing race
16 - Separator
17 - collars cuffs
18 - Cuff

The outer joint of the shaft has the same structure as shown in This also applies to the shaft. The end of the shaft (7) is however not tripodnom hinge, and a ball joint. The illustration above shows further details of such a shaft, which is directed thrust bearing.


  1. Remove the tie ribbon cuffs and clean the inside of the shaft and grease from the hinge. If the shaft and the hinge will again be collected (for example, replace the cuff), mark the compound suitably.
  2. Firmly hold the shaft in a vice and hammer bring down the hinge light alloy, as shown in the illustration below. Beat in different points of the circumference.

Bringing the constant velocity joint.

  1. Remove the hinge and remove the rubber cuff.
  2. Wrap the end of the shaft with tape and put on the cuff with a small collar on the shaft.
  3. Fill the joint lubricant in an amount of 175 - 185 g and set the cuff. On the small end of the cuff should sit well into the groove, as shown in the illustration. Tighten the two clamp the cuff and secure by bending the bracket.

The cuff should fit well into the recess in the place indicated by the arrow.

Replacing thrust bearing

Thrust bearing must first be unscrewed from the mount, before it can be sorted out.


  1. Beat the outer dust cover from the shaft by means of a rod. Dust ring (4) (see. will be removed together.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the dust protection ring (11) from the bearing housing, and open and remove them is under lock ring using pliers.
  3. Install the bearing housing under a press and press out the shaft.
  4. Knock bearing (9) of the housing. The assembly is carried out in reverse order. Carefully hammer the dust rings on both sides of a small mandrel without damaging them in the process.

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