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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
Routine maintenance and servicing
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and exhaust
Electrical system motor
Manual transmission, differential and the main transfer
Transmission and differential - general information
Removing and installing transmission
Bulkhead gearbox
The gear change mechanism
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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The gear change mechanism

Removal and installation of the lever and the shift rod

Details of the switching mechanism on the outer side of the gearbox

1 - shift knob
2 - dust cover
3 - selector lever guide
4 - gear lever
5 - the top support gear lever
6 - bushing
7 - round cord seal
8 - dust cap
9 - a nut, 0.5 - 0.6 Nm
10 - rubber gasket
11 - Frame supports the shift lever
12 - damper only injection engines

13 - Holder
14 - a nut 12 - 15 Nm
15 - a nut. 12 - 15 Nm
16 - elastic recoil spring
17 - spring return
18 - a nut 22 - 30 Nm
19 - Rod stabilizer
20 - a bolt, 37 - 50 Nm
21 - a nut 14 - 18 Nm
22 - Rod switch
23 - nut 18 - 24 Nm


  1. Loosen the dust cover over the shift lever and remove it from the lever up.
  2. Put your head around the shift lever thick rag and loosen the head by a water pump pliers. Make sure the pads are not damaged forceps head arm.
  3. Lift the car and unscrew the underside of the bar switch and side support bar gearbox (see.
  4. Remove the four bolts and nuts support the shift lever (picture below) and remove the entire support with rods placed on it.
Fastening lever bearing on the underside of the vehicle.
  1. Installation is carried out in reverse order. We must comply with all indicated on the torques. Prop lever fixed nuts on the lower side of the bottom.

Replacing parts of the switching mechanism

In the shows a wiring diagram of the switchbox. If you need to replace any parts, you can use an illustration. When assembling, lubricate all the details a little grease. All seals circular section must be replaced, even if they still have a satisfactory appearance.

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