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Nissan Terrano II (from 1985 to 1999 model year)

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Nissan Terrano 2
Terrano 2
Operation and Maintenance
Maintenance Vehicle
The four-cylinder engine
Engines VS
All engines
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Fuel and an exhaust system
The system of electric motor
Emission of exhaust gases
Manual transmission
Automatic Transmission
Coupling the propeller shaft and rear axle
Chassis car with wheel formula 4x4
Suspension and steering
Body and trims
Electrical system

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Nissan Terrano II (from 1985 to 1999 model year)

Creating a new generation Terrano was based on 50 years of experience in the production of Nissan's all-wheel drive cars. The glorious history, technical characteristics and consumer qualities of the car make it one of the best-selling SUV in Europe.

New Terrano completely upgraded: to improve its dynamic capabilities, security correspond to the level of upscale cars, while he kept the exceptional off-road performance, which have already become synonymous with the name Terrano. Many of the changes made in the course of modernization, leading to lower operating costs, perfectly meeting the needs of customers and strengthen the market position of Terrano. Updated exterior and interior, a powerful turbo diesel engine with direct injection 3.0-liter., Well-established car Nissan Patrol GR, and best-in-class suite of security makes the perfect multifunctional Terrano SUV for families with active lifestyles. < / p>

The emergence of a new 3.0-liter engine. along with existing turbo engine of 2.7 liters. and gasoline engine of 2.4 liters. significantly improves the position of Nissan's four-wheel drive class. The entire range of engines will be available for both 3-door and 5-year-door models. Thus, Nissan, offering the variety of engines (two petrol and one diesel), secures an advantage in this market segment in the face of fierce competition.

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