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Nissan Terrano II (from 1985 to 1999 model year)

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Nissan Terrano 2
Terrano 2
Operation and Maintenance
Maintenance Vehicle
The four-cylinder engine
Engines VS
All engines
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Fuel and an exhaust system
The system of electric motor
Technical data
Ignition system overview
Ignition system check
Distributor withdrawal
Distributor installation
Check the crankshaft rotation sensor
The ignition coil removal and installation
Engine Starting System overview
Start-up system check engine
The starter removal and installation
The traction relay removal and installation
Starter replacement brushes
Charge system overview
Generator Maintenance and precautions
Charge system verification
The generator removal and installation
The voltage regulator and brush replacement
Emission of exhaust gases
Manual transmission
Automatic Transmission
Coupling the propeller shaft and rear axle
Chassis car with wheel formula 4x4
Suspension and steering
Body and trims
Electrical system

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The system of electric motor

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Average tube removal and installation
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Technical data

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