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Volkswagen Golf II, Jetta (from 1983 to 1992, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jetta
Golf 2 / Jetta
General Information
The power supply system
Four-speed transmission
A five-speed manual transmission
The four-speed transmission of type 020
A five-speed transmission of type 020
Automatic transmission
Front-wheel Drive
A steering

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Flap clutch

1 - guard;

2 - Transmission;

3 - crankcase


1. To establish the car over a viewing hole.
2. To disconnect a wire from "the minus" plug of the storage battery.
3. Drain the oil from the gearbox.
4. Disconnect the wire on "weight" of the transmission bracket.
5. Disconnect the flexible shaft of the speedometer.
6. Disconnect the clutch cable.
7. Disconnect the wires from the reverse gear switch.
8. Remove the starter motor (see. Subsection 12.3.1).
9. Attach the motor for a loop for lifting crane or hoist, since the box after disconnecting the engine will be based only on the front support. If there is no crane or hoist, we can put a beam on the flanges of the wings, tucked under her rags, so as not to damage the body, and attach the thick steel wire loop for the engine to lift a beam.
10. To disconnect draft of a gear.
11. Remove the front mounting bracket gearbox.
12. Loosen the upper bolts of clutch housing to the engine.
13. Remove the bolt pipe to the engine block heater (only for box type 020).
14. Disconnect semiaxes from the semi-axes of the flanges (see. Subsection 7.2).
15. Remove cover 1 (see. Fig. Flap clutch) clutch.
16. Unscrew the two screws and remove the panel located behind the right flange of the half-line (for the transmission of type 020 - one bolt).
17. Disconnect the front exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold (only for transmission of type 020).
18. Loosen remaining bolts to the engine clutch.
19. Remove the rear mounting bracket gearbox.
20. Disconnect the engine mount bracket (for box-type 020); The motor rotates, making it possible to remove a transmission.
21. Push the gearbox from the engine so that the clutch came from the studs, and the input shaft came out of the engagement with the clutch plate. If necessary, lower the engine.
22. Remove the transmission from under the car.


1. Installation of the gearbox is carried out in reverse order, with the following.
2. Coat the spline input shaft with a thin layer of graphite grease or paste Moly.
3. Tighten the bolts to the engine clutch torque 45 Nm for M10 and 75 Nm for M12.
4. Set the transmission to the engine so as to support their stand without bias, and to tighten bolts of support. Tightening torque: bolt the front bracket to the support of 60 Nm, and the gearbox - 35 Nm bolts rear bracket to the support and the gearbox 60 Nm bracket bolts engine mount engine block 25 Nm.
5. Adjust the clutch and gearshift.

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Four-speed transmission

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