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Volkswagen Sharan (from 1995 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Sharan
VR6 engine
The two-liter engine (ADY)
Engine oil
Radiator and fan
Cooling water pump 2.0-liter engine
Pump water cooling VR6 engine
Thermostat 2.0-liter engine
Thermostat VR6 engine
Ribbed Belts
Circulating coolant pump
A fuel injection system VR6 engine
The system Simos injection 2.0-liter engine
The ignition system
Manual 5-speed gearbox
The drive shafts
Power steering
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Diesel engine
The lubrication system of the diesel engine
The cooling system of the diesel engine
The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
Map service.

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The cooling system is used for forced removal of heat from the engine and transmission to the surrounding air. Engine cooling system (VR6 and 2.0 liters) liquid, closed type with forced circulation, with the expansion tank.

A warning
On the hot engine cooling system is pressurized. Never once do not open the expansion tank cap without first reducing the pressure gradually loosen the expansion tank cap.

The circulation of coolant in the system occurs by means of the centrifugal pump type.
Electric fan (or fans in motor VR6) has a plastic impeller mounted on the motor shaft. Switching on and off of the fan is temperature-off switch located on the left side of the radiator. In the first position of the temperature switch turns on the fan at a coolant temperature between 92 and 97 ? C, and in a second position - at a temperature between 99 and 105 ? C. When the coolant temperature decreases, the switch of the temperature switch passes in the reverse direction. When the coolant temperature is between 91 and 98 ? C temperature switch operating in the second position, turn off the cooling fan, and at the first position, the fan is switched off at a temperature between 84 and 91 ? C. In both engines the temperature switch temperature switch is.
The expansion tank is also included in the engine cooling system.

Some parts of the cooling system VR6 engine
Fig. 181. Some parts of the cooling system of the engine VR6: 1 - Rubber Bearing; 2 - the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing; 3 - radiator; 4 - radiator cover; 5 - bolt 10 Nm; 6 - the rubber washer; 7 - support leg; 8 - plug connector right fan (black); 9 - for plug clamp pads of the right of the fan; 10 - right fan; 11 - fan shroud; 12 - the inlet hose; 13 - hose pressure; 14 - High pressure air pump; 15 - hose clamp; 16 - bolt 25 Nm; 17 - left the fan; 18 - Plug-in connector for the left fan (black); 19 - the lower radiator hose (thermostat); 20 - Plug-block temperature switch (black); 21 - temperature switch for the fan

The VR6 engine cooling system on the radiator 3 (Fig. 181) found two fans: the right 10 and left 17, with the housing 4 corresponding form. Both fans have a separate electrical circuit. On the VR6 engine radiator located near the secondary pump - high-pressure air pump 14.

Some parts of the cooling system 2.0-liter engine
Fig. 182. Some parts of the cooling system 2.0-liter engine: 1 - a radiator; 2 - radiator cover; 3 - the top hose of a cooling liquid; 4 - bolt 10 Nm; 5 - support rod; 6 - lower coolant hose; 7 - mounting ring of the fan; 8 - the cooling fan; 9 - plug connector temperature switch, black; 10 - the temperature switch, 35 Nm

In the cooling system 2.0-liter engine to the radiator fan has a single 8 (Fig. 182) to the housing 2.

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