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Volkswagen Sharan (from 1995 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Sharan
VR6 engine
The two-liter engine (ADY)
Engine oil
A fuel injection system VR6 engine
The system Simos injection 2.0-liter engine
The ignition system
Manual 5-speed gearbox
The drive shafts
Power steering
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Diesel engine
The lubrication system of the diesel engine
The cooling system of the diesel engine
The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
Map service.
Regular operations
Every 12 months or every 15 000 km
Inspection every 12 months
Inspection every 24 months or every 30 000 km
Inspection every 60 000 km
Inspection every 120 000 km

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Inspection every 12 months

Check the fault logger records
Check for traces of leaked oil on the engine
Checking the level of electrolyte in the battery and, if necessary, topping it (not available on non-performing AB)
Checking the coolant level in the cooling system.
If necessary, add antifreeze. Check the status of all coolant hoses
Checking the oil in a mechanical transmission
Checking the V-belts and V-ribbed belt
Checking the lip seals of the steering mechanism. They must be free of visible damage and should not be visible trace of fluid
Check tightness of brake system and its lack of corrosion and mechanical damage. Check the thickness of the brake pads and brake discs condition
Checking the exhaust system. There should be no visible damage, furthermore, the system must be sealed
Check condition of protective covers of hinges of equal angular speeds
Check torque the wheel bolts and the condition of the tires.
Checking tire tread depth profile (1.6 mm) and the tire wear on the edges
Check the fluid level in the power steering mechanism.
Add a liquid if necessary
Check the parking brake adjustment
Check headlight adjustment
Check backlash steering
Verifying the instrument cluster
Grease all the rods, hinges, locks, etc.
Test drive a car with checking the operation of the parking brake, the service brakes, steering, etc.
Verifying lighting devices. Replacement of defective lamps

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Every 12 months or every 15 000 km
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Inspection every 24 months or every 30 000 km

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