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Kia Magentis / Optima (2000 release)

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Kia Magentis
Lubrication System
Cooling system
The control and toxicity
Fuel system
Ignition system
Power shafts, axles
The air conditioning system
Technical data
Service air conditioning systems
Remarks at replacement of elements of the air conditioning system
Merging an air-conditioning system
A compound member having a guide pin
Setting gauges for pressure measurement
The evacuation of air from the air conditioning system
Connecting the exhaust valve to the cylinder with the refrigerant
Charge air-conditioning system
Oil for air conditioning compressor
Check hoses and tubes
The noise of the compressor
Check and adjust the tension of V-ribbed belts
Verification performance
Triple Sensor Pressure
Check condenser fan relay
Check the air conditioner switch
Check the mode switch
Check switch fresh / recirculated air
Air conditioning compressor
Bushing clutch pulley and the air conditioning compressor
The excitation coil clutch
The fan and the condenser
Check the fan motor
Check of the relay and the air conditioning condenser fan
Check of the relay of the fan heater
Electrical equipment
Electrical diagrams

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The evacuation of air from the air conditioning system


If the refrigerant circuit was opened and it was in the air, it must be pumped out using a vacuum pump. After installing the air conditioning system is to be pumped for 15 minutes. Node, which opened for repair and maintenance must be evacuated within 30 minutes.

1. The engine must be turned off.

2. Connect the inlet tube pressure gauges to the compressor and close the valves of high and low pressure.

3. Ensure that the refrigerant has been removed from the air conditioning system.
4. Connect the central hose pressure gauges to the input of the vacuum pump.
5. Run the vacuum pump and open the valves of high and low pressure.
6. After 10 minutes, the vacuum must be equal to 94.39 kPa. If desired underpressure is not reached, the air conditioning system has a leak which must be eliminated in the following manner.

  1. Close both valves and stop the vacuum pump.
  2. Charge air conditioning in about 0.4 kg of refrigerant.
  3. Check the tightness of the air conditioning system. Repair any leaks found.
  4. Re discharge the air conditioning system and evacuate it. If leaks are found, continue to pump out system.

7. Start the vacuum pump.
8. Open both discharge valve until the vacuum 94.39 kPa.

9. After the low pressure gauge shows a vacuum which is close to 94.39 kPa continue pumping 15 minutes.

10. After evacuation for 15 minutes, close the product valves and stop the vacuum pump. Disconnect the hose from the vacuum pump. The system is now charged.

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Connecting the exhaust valve to the cylinder with the refrigerant

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