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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (from 1993 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Mercedes-Benz C-class
Lubrication system
Heating and ventilation
Ignition system
Safety in the repair of electronic ignition system
Ignition coils
Spark plug
The device is pre-heating the diesel engine
Fuel system

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Ignition system

The ignition system produces a spark that ignites the fuel mixture intake into the cylinders of internal combustion engine. To develop a strong ignited a spark in the ignition coil battery voltage is converted to 12 volts to about 30,000 volts.

Petrol engines C-Class has a statistical distributor ignition high voltage, so-called direct ignition. In this ignition system has no moving parts and a traditional distributor, equipped with a slider. Due to this no longer wear of these components and improves operational reliability.

The actuation of the igniting sparks by the ignition coil is carried out directly by the engine control device which also controls fuel injection. In 4-cylinder engine ignition coils mounted on the cylinder block of the engine, while the 6-cylinder engine - under the cover of high voltage cylinder head cover. Every two cylinders get their igniting sparks from a common ignition coil. In this one it ignites the fuel mixture in the intake stroke it into the corresponding cylinder. For start-up reliability when starting a cold engine produces few sparks, igniting one of the piston stroke (the so-called multi-spark ignition).

1. The ignition timing
2. Load
3. Speed

To determine the correct moment of the ignition control device is used, based on the ignition characteristics stored in memory using electronics. Because of this it is relatively easier to reconcile the different operating conditions, such as different fuel quality.

Anti-knock control system for engines, starting with the cylinder capacity of 2.2 liters, contributes to the operation of cars with high compression and smoothes the use of different fuel qualities. In 4-cylinder engine in the engine block installed one, while the 6-cylinder engine, two knock sensor. They regulate the detonation combustion engine and an influence on it by means of suitable pulses from the control device of the engine by changing the ignition timing toward late. This prevents engine knocking and the appearance of a fault.

If the engine capacity of 1.8 / 2.0 L mostly used only low-quality gasoline, then using the matching plug in the engine compartment, the ignition must be switched to the other response.

When repairing the electronic ignition system must comply with the safety regulations in order to avoid injury to persons involved in these works, or damage to the ignition system.

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