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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (from 1993 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Mercedes-Benz C-class
Lubrication system
Heating and ventilation
Ignition system
Fuel system
The unit of the airbag on the steering wheel
Steering wheel
Steering linkage
The cuffs of hinges of steering trapezoid
Power steering pump
Setting the alignment
With ease
Maintenance of the steering system
Fault Diagnosis of the steering system

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Unregulated steering

1. Steering
2a. Bolt, 25 NM.
71b. Nuts, 8 N. m.
71c. Seal
93. Cover
3. The lower steering shaft
A45. Bornier
S4. Combined switch
S40. Pushbutton cruise

Steering Linkage

11. The steering linkage
11f. Hinges steering rod
11a. Ball Joints
10g. Tips arm steering linkage

The steering consists of a steering wheel, steering shaft, steering, steering joints, steering damper and power steering. The steering wheel is bolted to the steering shaft, which transmits the rotation of the wheel steering mechanism.

Depending on the steering gear changes in the steering mechanism. This means that the more turn of the wheel, the more it becomes an indirect transfer. The steering wheel is thus, for example, when parking, spinning easier. Direct transfer to the middle position provides improved steering precision, especially at high speeds.

Power provides little effort on the steering wheel. It consists of a pump, tank and pipe. The pump draws oil from the hydraulic tank and delivers it under pressure to the steering mechanism, wherein the control unit and the working cylinder provides the appropriate gain.

As additional equipment can put a mechanical control the length of the steering column to set the steering wheel.

While the airbag for the driver is integrated in a steering wheel airbag for a passenger is on the right side of the front panel. When a severe frontal impact triggered squib and cushions inflate within milliseconds. This time is sufficient to soften the blow to the front of people. Within seconds after triggering airbag deflates because gases exit through the holes in it. Air bag for the passenger is placed as an option.

The company recommends changing the air bag after a decade of operation of the vehicle to ensure it will work.

A warning

Self-locking nuts are always replaced. Welding and straightening work on steering unacceptable. With a lack of experience, as well as large repairs should be referred to the workshop.

Notes on the airbag

The unit can not be disassembled, replaced all at fault in the assembly. Since the unit contains explosives, keep it under lock and key, or under supervision. Dispose produce specialty shops.

After dismantling the unit keep the soft side up.

Pillow block can not be cleaned with water or cleaning agents.

Do not overheat the unit above 100 ? C.

Airbag unit is sensitive to shocks. If he fell from a height of 50 cm, it can not be put on the car.

Airbag unit may only be removed when the disconnected terminal of the battery weight (-) and in the "O" of the ignition key.

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