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Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123 (from 1976 to 1985, the year of issue)

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Mercedes-Benz W123
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Passport data
Lifting and towing
General requirements for car repair
Gasoline engines
Manual transmission
Automatic Transmission
Driveline and rear axle
The front suspension
Rear suspension
A steering
Body and Equipment

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This manual was compiled to help the owner of the car to get the most out of. This task is achieved in several ways. The Guide includes descriptions of the principles of operation to the greatest extent the interests of owners of vehicles, parts and systems of the car, as well as the procedures for mandatory routine maintenance of the car and given a timetable for their implementation. In addition, it offers information for the troubleshooting, parts and systems of the car (in the event of failure), as well as ways to eliminate their causes.


This manual is a guide to the maintenance and repair of cars "Mersedes" series ?W 123" (factory designation of the series - a model of the body) model "200", "230", "230E", "250", "280", "280E "sedan; models "200T", "230T", "230TE", "250T", "280TE" station wagon; model "230C", "230SE", "280C", "280SE" coupé. On cars Series ?W 123" installed four- and six-cylinder petrol engine models M 102, M 110, M 115 and M 123.

Engine Model M 102 M 115 M 123 are of verhneraspolozhenny camshaft (SONS) and the motor model M 110 has two verhneraspolozhennyh camshafts (DONS). Many components and engine components largely standardized.

The manual is intended for the employees of the centers, service stations iremontnyh workshops, as well as for technically trained motorists. Despite the apparent complexity of the design of the car is quite simple, so in some cases the device systems, mechanisms and units described without unnecessary detail, aporyadok maintenance and repair easily becomes clear when reading and studying the drawings and presents no particular problems for the motorist.

Terms of Use Guidelines

Manual is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into sections. The sections, in turn, divided into subsections, where required, to the sub-sub-sections and consist of sections.

Offered to your attention the text is accompanied by explanatory illustrations.

Description Once the procedures referred to in the text are usually not repeated a second time. Instead, when necessary, reference is made to the relevant section (section, etc.), where the procedure has met.

Links to the position of a node or the component on the left or right of the vehicle based on the assumption that the reader is in the driver's seat facing forward.

The descriptions in this manual are presented in a simple and accessible way. If you strictly follow described in the text and accompanying illustration guidelines, no particular difficulties in carrying out tasks should arise.

Should pay due attention to compliance with the technical parameters and requirements for the moments of a tightening of carving connections, information, see "Design and specifications" and placed at the beginning of each chapter. These specifications should be guided in the performance of all work. Within the individual sections of the required dimensions and values are not always adjust.

Simple operation, such as "open the hood" or "loosen the wheel nuts" are taken for granted and are also referred to not always.

In contrast, in the text of the most detailed and complicated requiring higher accuracy during the procedure.

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eleven Foreword

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