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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203, 2000 issue)

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Mercedes-Benz W203
eleven Cars Mercedes-Benz C Class (W-203) - Abstract
The vehicle identification number
Acquisition of spare parts
Technology services, tools and the workplace equipment
Jacking and towing
Starting with an auxiliary battery
Automotive chemicals, oils and greases
Instruction Manual
Routine maintenance
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and release
Electric motor
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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The second generation Mercedes C-Class (box 203) appeared on the market in May 2000 by Sedan in September 2000 - a sports coupe, and in January 2001 Wagon (Model "T").

There are three main options for packaging and decoration design: CLASSIC, ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE.

In the production of a new vehicle applied many technical innovations.

The dashboard is equipped with a central display that allows customize various features of the car, and report it to the driver.

Included as standard adaptive front airbags, window and side airbags in the front door assemblies provide reliable protection in any collision.

Petrol inline, four-cylinder or V-shaped six-cylinder engines are equipped with fuel injection and ignition with electronic control.

Diesel engines - in-line, four-cylinder and five-cylinder, direct-injection of the total fuel distributive highway ?«Common-Rail?». Diesel injection (CDI) - also with electronically controlled.

Gasoline six-cylinder engines, thanks to the design with 3 valves and 2 spark plugs per cylinder, and the use of light alloys, have reduced fuel consumption.

The front suspension is made on the basis of the proven McPherson system with coil springs, gas-filled telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

Independent multi-link rear wheels with coil springs, stabilizer bar and gas-filled shock absorbers.
To ensure safety the new C-Class is equipped with electronic protivozanosnoy system (stabilization of stability - ESP), Brake Assist (BAS) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Basic brake system - hydraulic, dual circuit with vacuum booster.

Brakes - disc, ventilated on all wheels. Apply a foot parking brake.

Steering Gear - hydrostrengthening with circulating balls. Adjustable steering wheel and multifunction steering wheel.

Since the autumn of 2002 established the first all-wheel drive transmission 4MATIC. Due to the perfectly coordinated interaction with the standard set by the stabilization system ESP, easier management in adverse road conditions, when starting and acceleration. 4MATIC models have higher dynamics.

To lock locks applied uniform lock with direct or remote control.

Nearest Maturity scheduled maintenance indicator appears on the display.

Tempostat Speedtronic and trip computer fitted as standard equipment.

Excellent aerodynamics and the use of lightweight materials contributed to the reduction of fuel consumption. Through the use of high-strength steel and additional security features, as well as the development of large deformation zones, the new C-Class offers even greater security than the previous model.

The standard equipment configuration options and design Elegance also includes:

?· Adjustable armrest in the center console with storage compartment
?· The device automatically detect child seat
?· Painted exterior door handles and side rubber grips
?· Backlight enter the front doors
?· Fog lights
?· Proof of inclination of headlights
?· Wood finish
?· Equipped illuminated bathroom mirror
?· Leather gear lever and steering wheel
?· Filter cabin air
?· Electrically front seats
?· Electrically window
?· Radio antenna on the rear window
?· Tinted windows

As an extra, it offers equipment for European models:

?· Emergency call for help
?· Phone
?· Bose audio system
?· Combined audio telephone and navigation system with a single management (COMAND)
?· Installed in the glove compartment CD-changer
?· Separately-folding rear seats
?· 5-speed automatic transmission (with forced switching)
?· Integrated rear child seats
?· Leather upholstery
?· Memory position of the front seats
?· Orthopedic folding driver's seat
?· Speed-sensitive power steering movement (SPS)
?· The parking aid Parktronic
?· Windshield wiper with rain sensor
?· Sliding-hinged cover of the top hatch
?· Headlight lens headlamps
?· Side airbags in the rear door assemblies
?· The Sport package (wheels, tires, spoilers, trim, suspension)
?· Sport seats
?· Xenon headlights

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eleven Cars Mercedes-Benz C Class (W-203) - Abstract

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