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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203, 2000 issue)

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Mercedes-Benz W203
Instruction Manual
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The power supply system and release
Electric motor
Manual gearbox
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Manual gearbox

General view RKPP

716.6 refers to a class of fully synchronized 2-rotary shaft 6-speed transmission with one reverse gear, widely used on rear-wheel drive cars (both petrol and diesel). Available in four versions 6-speed box, designed by the torque from 250 to 400 Nm.

6-speed Manual transmission 716.6

1 - Primary shaft PPC
2 - synchronizing ring gear 5/6
3 - Val
4 - Bearing shell backing
5 - switching cam
6 - Axis switching
7 - flange connection to the driveshaft

Elements Manual transmission

1 - The input shaft
2 - The main shaft
3 - Intermediate shaft
4 - Front housing
5 - Rear housing
6 - Clutch release coupling device
7 - Mnogokonusny synchronizer switch 1/2
8 - Mnogokonusny synchronizer switch 3/4
9 - Gear 1st gear
10 - a gear wheel of 2nd transfer
11 - a gear wheel of 3rd transfer
12 - a gear wheel of 4th transfer
13 - The gear 5th gear
14 - a gear transmission 6 minutes
15 - reverse gear
16 - Central switching rod
17 - internal switching module
18 - an intermediate gear wheel transmission

Proper use 6th gear allows to achieve significant savings in fuel consumption by reducing the operating speed of the engine. Because of the design features.

6-speed gearbox have more weight than the 5-speed.

Box receives torque from the engine via a conventional dry-type clutch equipped with automatic wear compensator. Gearbox is sealed and filled with design does not need replacing gear oil.

Accuracy and ease of having a short stroke switching transmission is achieved by the following design features:

? Rod-cable version of the shift actuator;
? The use of needle bearings fixed in the central selector rod;
? Use mnogokonusnyh synchronizers switching of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th transfers;
? Full synchronization of a reverse gear.

Gear assembly with shaft bearing is placed between the two planes. Used in the earlier 5-speed third bearing plane in the structure eliminated.

Two-piece split crankcase made of light alloy and sealed by a special liquid compound.

The input shaft (1) fixed in the flywheel by guide bearing and transmission housing - by means of a ball bearing with a recessed groove. Head (2) and the input (1) shafts are coupled with each other in a common plane transmission housing and secured by means of ball bearings with a recessed groove.

The intermediate shaft (3) has a lightweight hollow design and is fixed to the roller sleeve and ball bearings with deep groove.

In view of the minimal manufacturing tolerances polukarterov and gears, as well as through the use of roller clutches, the need for adjusting the axial play of the shaft unnecessary.

Moving the gear lever are transmitted through the rod to the box. The box can be removed without removing the engine. Shoot the box is necessary when removing the clutch when changing boxes or repair it. Not recommended to repair the box at home. Management Manual transmission described in Chapter Operating Instructions.

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