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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203, 2000 issue)

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Mercedes-Benz W203
Instruction Manual
Routine maintenance
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and release
Electric motor
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric
Fault diagnosis onboard electric equipment - the general information
Check the wiper motor
Check heated rear window
Relays and fuses
Replacing incandescent exterior lights
Replacing bulbs Interior lighting
Removing and installing daylight sensor
Removing and installing lights
Removing and installing fog
Removing and installing the lens fog
Removing and installing the rear light
Replacing the battery ignition key / remote control
Removing and installing windscreen wiper motor
Removing and installing rear window wiper motor
Removal and installation of the water tank and pump motor
Removal and installation of a rain sensor
Removal and installation of the audio signal
Removing and installing parking sensors
Removing and installing ambient temperature sensor
Removing and installing dashboard
Removal and installation of stalk
Removal and installation of the switch of the front canopy on the ceiling
Removal and installation of the group switches to the left of the control panel
Removing and installing center console switch
Removal and installation of switches in the door
Removal and installation of door switches the interior lighting
Removal and installation of warning signs parking assistant
Removing and installing cigarette lighter
Removal and installation of the radio
Removal and installation of loudspeakers
The digital CAN data bus
The uniform lock - general information
Installation of additional electric and electronic devices
Function and location of electrical connectors

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Onboard electric

Cars of this brand are equipped with 12 V electrical system with grounding of the negative pole. Power of lighting products and electrical equipment is provided by the battery lead-acid type, rechargeable from the alternator. This chapter describes procedures for maintenance and repair of certain components of an onboard electric equipment, which include in addition to the specific discussed below as all lights and not directly connected to the engine electrical accessories. In addition, we will look troubleshooting electrical general. Information on the battery, alternator and starter, see Chapter Electrical Engine Manual.

Attention! When performing any work on the repair and maintenance of components of the electrical system it is mandatory to pre disconnect a cable of weight from the battery to avoid the risk of electric shock and / or fire.

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