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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203, 2000 issue)

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Mercedes-Benz W203
Instruction Manual
Routine maintenance
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and release
Electric motor
Manual gearbox
Removal and installation of CAT
Adjusting drive gearbox control
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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Removal and installation of CAT

To remove the need to raise the PPC car as possible. Removal PPC requires certain practices. Therefore, here is a description of only the basic provisions, aimed at experienced mechanic.



1. Disconnect the negative (-) cable of the battery when the ignition is off. You must first remove the air filter box of the passenger compartment.

Before disconnecting the cable, find out the radio security code, if any, address to Section Replacement of the battery.

2. Isolate security reasons terminal stub to the negative pole of the battery to prevent so casual contact with the poles of the battery.
3. Lift the car and remove the lower trim, refer to Section Removal and installation of the engine compartment lid from the bottom.

Slightly lift the checkpoint in the area of the back support of the engine / transmission with the help of the garage jack and wooden linings.

Only then disconnect the rear beam engine / PPC.
4. Move support under the CAT in a garage jack and wooden linings.

5. Remove the rear beam engine / PPC (1), by undoing the bolts (2) and (3).

6. Remove the engine compartment lid holder (4).
7. Remove the holder exhaust system (5).
8. Remove the receiving tube (5).
9. Remove the rear muffler from the suspension in the region of the additional muffler, a little lower it and fix it in position with wire.
10. Remove the bottom strip of the mass between the CPT and the body.
11. Remove the starter, refer to Section Removal and installation of the starter.
12. Disconnect the plug of the inductive sensor speedometer.
13. Remove propeller shaft, refer to the appropriate section.

Front propshaft flange remains on the propeller shaft, and not at the checkpoint.

14. Remove the thrust shift from CAT and disconnect draft from the checkpoint.
15. Disconnect from the central unit, after removing the locking pin.
16. Remove the shift rod.
17. Disconnect PPC from the cylinder.
18. Slowly lower the garage lift, with little drops checkpoint. Remove horizontally PPC back to the guide pins and remove the clutch.
19. Lower the checkpoint.

PPC immerse the only input shaft came out of the clutch, otherwise the clutch disc may be damaged.



1. Before installation, check the clutch, refer to Section Removal, installation and check the clutch.
2. Check the ease of travel release bearing. If before removing with the clutch disengaged were heard release bearing, replace the bearing.

On engines with dual-mass flywheel splined clutch is coated with nickel. Therefore, the input shaft is not necessary to lubricate the PPC. An indication of clutch for dual-mass flywheel is no damper springs.

3. Motors without dual-mass flywheel: Clean input shaft splines and brush a thin layer of MoS2-lubricant, for example, MOLYKOTE BR 2. Do not apply too much grease, otherwise grease may get on the clutch friction surfaces, which will lead to malfunction of adhesion . The necessary amount of grease is the size of a grain of corn.
4. Lift the PPC and enter horizontally into engagement. If you are installing a primary shaft PPC is not fixed in the disk clutch, rotate the shaft at the rear of the flange for propeller shaft.
5. Attach the CPR on the engine torque 40nm.
6. Install the starter, refer to Section Removal and installation of the starter.
7. Connect the shift rod, pre-lubricated with a thin layer spherical support.
8. Connect the central unit and secure it with a locking pin.
9. Connect the CAT shift rod, replace the cover.
10. Connect the driveshaft flanges and CPR. Self-tightening torques of the flange nuts propeller shaft to the CAT listed in the Specifications.
11. Dock Connector inductive sensor speedometer.
12. Secure the rear support of the engine / PPC given specifications moments.
13. Attach a weight cable to CAT and body.
14. Secure the bracket to cover the engine compartment (4).
15. Fix the holder receiving tube (5) of the exhaust system.
16. Reinstall the exhaust system, refer to Section Removal, installation and inspection of the exhaust system tightness.
17. Check the oil level in the gearbox, if necessary top up the oil, refer to Chapter Routine maintenance.
18. Check the adjustment of the shift, if necessary, adjust the service station.
19. Install the lower engine compartment lining.
20. Lower the car on wheels.
21. Connect the negative (-) cable to the battery when the ignition is switched off. Replace the cabin air filter box. Enter the code of the radio and set the time on the clock.

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