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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
Routine maintenance and servicing
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and exhaust
Electrical system motor
Manual transmission, differential and the main transfer
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Front suspension
The wheel hub and knuckle
The front spring and damper strut
Upper wishbone
Lower wishbone
Anti-roll bar
Adjusting the front wheels
Rear suspension
Steering without the hydraulic booster
Power steering (servo)
Onboard electric

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Front suspension

The wheel hub and knuckle


Kind of the disassembled knuckle bearing hub and the drive shaft

1 - circlip external
2 - wheel bearing
3 - panel
4 - knuckle
5 - a lock ring, inner
6 - internal gland
7 - drive shaft
8 - a nut, 100 - 120 N ??? m
9 - thumb wheel

10 - Disc
11 - a bolt of the wheel 100 - 120 N ??? m
12 - pin
13 - lock nuts
14 - a nut bearing hub, 240 - 320 N ??? m
15 - Washer
16 - wheel hub
17 - outside the gland
18 - Spacer

Removing the hub and knuckle is also recommended if you want to remove the drive shaft, be it for repair, remove the gearbox or for other works.


  1. Loosen the wheel nuts and nut of the drive shaft when the vehicle is on wheels.
  2. Position the front of the car on support and remove the wheel.
  3. Remove the brake caliper. To do this, remove the two shown in the illustration below the bolt. Tie Caliper wire segment to the front suspension. Do not slide on the hose sagging.

Both the arrows bolts hold the brake caliper.

  1. Remove the cotter pin from the castellated nut steering rod, loosen the nut and separate the hinge suitable puller from the steering arms (see. Illustration below). To avoid damage to the thread, you can screw the nut onto the upturned thumb so that it is flush with it.

Squeezing the ball stud steering rod from lever steering rod using a special puller.

  1. Loosen the nut on the top side of the steering knuckle and remove the guide pin of the knuckle of engagement with the upper arm. As you can see, the compounds are distinguished from previous models of cars Nissan. Click whole knuckle down until he takes the position shown in the illustration below.
Tilt steering knuckle in the kit, and then knock down the collar of the hub.
  1. Screw the nut on the drive shaft until the outer side will be flush with the shaft and the shaft is slightly light-alloy hammer hammer inside to loosen it from the bearing hub.
  2. On the bottom side of the steering knuckle remove the nut on the ball joint and control arm ball joint to separate the connection using a stripper. Depicted in the illustration below puller suitable for suspension ball joints.

Check the fluid level in the compensation tank servo

1 - warm
2 - Cold
  1. Remove the knuckle of the front suspension. Remove the brake disc.
  2. If you want to remove the knuckle together with the drive shaft, drain the transmission oil (remove the plug and place a container).
  3. Depress the drive shafts of the gearbox, as described in Chapter clutch and drive shafts for the left and right shafts, as well as manual or automatic transmissions.
  4. Remove the hub knuckle and driveshaft from the vehicle or leave the drive shaft in the gearbox and remove a rotary fist with a nave from the drive shaft.

Dismantling and replacement of the bearing hub


  1. Unscrew the nut and remove the hub drive shaft from the hub, if it is installed.
  2. Hold the steering knuckle in a vise and knock out light-alloy hub rod from the back side. If knocked out of the hub knuckle bearing should always be replaced. The inner bearing race remains on the hub should be removed and a suitable puller.
  3. Remove the retaining ring on the outer side of the knuckle by means of special tongs. On the reverse side, remove the seal using a screwdriver and remove the second lock ring. Intersections in the retaining ring pliers facilitate installation.
  4. Put knuckle under the press and press out the bearing from outside to inside. To drive out the bearing using pipe section. Thoroughly clean all parts. Bearings should always be replaced with collars, as they run in on one another. Steering knuckle can only be checked by using a magnetic device.

Assembling the knuckle

When installing the bearing hub and knuckle assembly, proceed as follows:


  1. Thoroughly clean the grease hole knuckle and the outside of the bearing hub and insert the inner retaining ring into the groove of a rotary fist.
  2. Press in a new bearing from the outside to the knuckle, until it is attached to the retaining ring. At the same time apply a force to the outer cage of the bearing hub.
  3. Insert an external lock ring into the groove. Make sure that the snap ring sat perfectly around the entire circumference.
  4. Grease the sealing lips of both shaft seal and grease hammer front and rear knuckle, without damaging them in the process. Wipe off excess lubricant.
  5. Put the knuckle on the table press and press-fit into the hub bearing and the steering knuckle. Be sure to check that the pressure does not exceed the pressing of 3 tons.
  6. Now check the bearing preload. To do this, put the knuckle on the table press and increase the load on the outside of the hub to 3.5 -5.0 tons. Hold the load several times move the steering knuckle from side to side. Stub must rotate without binding, despite the load.

Install the knuckle

Installation knuckle with the drive shaft in the reverse order. Always install at the end of the drive shaft a new lock ring. For details on installing the drive shafts are given in Chapter Coupling and power shafts. When installing the drive shafts in the differential splines align well. After installation, pull the shaft to check that the ring lock.

Observe all listed in the Specifications in the beginning of Chapter torques. Tighten the drive shaft nut with a force of 240 - 320 N ??? m, adjust the nut retainer, and insert new cotter pin.

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