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Volkswagen Golf II, Jetta (from 1983 to 1992, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jetta
Golf 2 / Jetta
General Information
The power supply system
Front-wheel Drive
A steering
Tie Rod
The steering mechanism
Steering wheel
Steering column
Egnition lock
Adjusting the steering
Steering draft (a steering with the hydraulic booster)
Power steering pump
Check the fluid level
Replacing the hydraulic fluid

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The steering mechanism

The steering mechanism

1 - a nut;
2 - Left Tie Rod;
3 - grommet;
4 - an internal ball and socket joint;
5 - a collar;
6 - mud cover;
7 - lock nut;
8 - rack;
9 - a bolt;
10 - Beam Suspension;
11 - steering mechanism assembly;
12 - seat mounting bracket for the steering mechanism;
13 - Right Tie Rod;
14 - lock nut;
15 - external ball joint;
16 - a tip of the right steering draft;
17 - Rubber cushion;
18 - an arm;
19 - a nut;
20 - a bolt;
21 - a nut;
22 - the driveshaft;
23 - Case mud;
24 - a flange of gear;
25 - a bolt;
I - the distance "a" to install the inner ball joint


A warning

The steering mechanism can not be repaired and must be replaced if damaged.

1. To disconnect a wire from "the minus" plug of the storage battery.
2. Lay the bars under the rear wheels.
3. Loosen the wheel bolts.
4. Lift the front of the car and set it on supports.
5. Remove the wheel.
6. Disconnect the tie rods 2 and 13 of the arm knuckle.
7. Pull and push up gryazezazitny Case 23.
8. Remove the bolt 25.
9. Remove nuts 19 brackets 18.
10. Remove the brackets 18.
11. Remove the steering mechanism 11 through an opening in the casing of the left wing.
A warning

If you have problems with the lifting mechanism of control, it is necessary to disconnect the steering column and raise it up to universal joint can be removed with the splines of the drive shaft of the rack.


A warning

All the self-locking nuts must be replaced.

1. Install the steering mechanism 11.
2. Set the rack 8 so that its ends were in the same length (the movement of the car in a straight line).
3. Install the steering wheel so that the spokes are horizontal.
4. Install the universal joint drive shaft splines on the rack and fit flush bolt 25.
5. Vyrovniyat rubber pads 17 and 18 to install the brackets on the bolts 9.
6. Tighten the nuts evenly on a diagonal 19 to 30 N ? m.
7. Connect the tie rods 2 and 13 to the levers of rotary fists.
8. Tighten all nuts and bolts after setting the vehicle on the ground.
9. Fit the mud cover 23.
10. Adjust toe.

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