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Volkswagen Golf II, Jetta (from 1983 to 1992, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jetta
Golf 2 / Jetta
General Information
The power supply system
Front-wheel Drive
A steering
Tie Rod
The steering mechanism
Steering wheel
Steering column
Egnition lock
Adjusting the steering
Steering draft (a steering with the hydraulic booster)
Power steering pump
Check the fluid level
Replacing the hydraulic fluid

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Steering column

Steering columns

1 - joint propeller shaft;
2 - a bolt;
3 - a nut;
4 - spring;
5 - lower bearing;
6 - a nut;
7 - a nut;
8 - an arm;
9 - the plug;
10 - a bolt;
11 - Carter steering column;
12 - a shaft of the steering column;
13 - the bottom shaft of a steering column;
14 - rubber gasket;
15 - the upper shaft of the steering column;
I - steering models of release till 07.1984

Fixing the top shelf

1 - the bottom casing of the instrument panel;

2 - the screw;

3 - the instrument panel;

4 - a cover of the fuse box


1. To disconnect a wire from "the minus" plug of the storage battery.
2. Remove the steering wheel (see. Subsection 8.4).
3. Loosen the screws 2 (see. Fig. Mount the top shelf).
4. Remove the bottom casing of the instrument panel 1.
5. Remove the three screws 7 (see. Fig. Steering Wheel) and remove the steering column switch.
6. Disconnect electrical wires.
7. Remove the bolts and the lower housing 17 of the steering column.
8. Remove the bolts of the steering column.
9. Remove the screw 2 (see. Fig. Steering columns).
10. Remove the bolt 10 on the bracket.
11. Remove the steering column with the spring 4.
A warning

On cars of release till 07.1984, the installed steering column shaft consisting of two parts.

12. Remove the washer 9 (see. Fig. Steering wheel).
13. Remove the spring 10 and the upper bearing 11.
14. Remove the terminal block from the contact group 15.
15. Remove the screw 16.
16. Remove the ignition housing 14 with the inserted into the ignition key (the lock must be removed).
17. Remove the shaft 12 of the steering column (see. Fig. Steering columns) and the lower bearing 5.
18. Disconnect the top 15 and bottom 13 of the steering column shafts (for vehicles manufactured prior to July 1984) and remove the rubber gasket 14.
19. Remove the shafts 13 and 15 of the housing 11 of the steering column.

Assembly and installation

1. The assembly and installation of the column is carried out in reverse order of disassembly and removal.
2. Lubricate the bearings of the universal lubricant.
3. The new lock washer 9 (see. Fig. Steering wheel) put the stop.
4. For vehicles manufactured before July 1984 to compress the top 15 (see. Fig. Steering columns) and lower shafts 13 a special tool, and set a new lock washer 9 (see. Fig. Steering wheel) until it stops.
5. For vehicles manufactured before July 1984 must be secured in the grip of the lower part of the shaft so that the upper part was based on the jaws and the two halves can not move relative to each other. When this pin is located in the bottom of the shaft, it should be visible in the upper part of the hole. If you want to push both sides to lock.
6. Check the operation of vehicles, stalk and sound.

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