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Volkswagen Passat B6 (from the year 2004)

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Volkswagen Passat B6
Passat B6
Operation and maintenance of car
Wheels and tires
General information on wheels and tires
Technical conditions for the conversion of wheels and tires
Indexes of speed of tires
Markings on the disk
Composite wheels
Depreciation and divergence tires
Wear high-speed tires
Tyre service
Evenly worn tires
Measure the tread depth
One-sided wear
Diagonal uneven wear
Tire rolling noise
Radial and lateral palpation of wheels and tires
Lateral withdrawal of the car
Eliminating slip
Damage to tires
The design of the radial tire
Loss of air pressure in the tires
Damages of tires because of errors at mounting (assembly damages)
Marking the tire sidewall
Shift of wheels
General provisions for CO regulation of the axle (axle measurement), the Passat
Correction of the camber of the front axle
Adjusting the camber of the rear axle
Adjusting the toe of the rear axle
Adjusting the toe of the front axle
Passat with the 2006 model year
Checking the paintings wear, pressure, tread depth of tires
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Steering Gear
Onboard electric

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General information on wheels and tires

Tyres are high-tech products, which has been designed for the operating conditions of modern vehicles.
As with any other high-tech products, it also must be careful handling, care and maintenance. Only in this case, you can ensure that the safety, resource and driving comfort will be provided throughout the life of the tire.
Tires are highly dependent on a constantly evolving process. Due to modern designs, technology, manufacturing and continuous quality control of manufactured high-quality tires. All admitted VW bus were checked by the technical development and in cooperation with the producers of tires was calculated for the type of vehicle.
Therefore, we recommend the replacement of tires mounted always committed and recommended tire products.
Vehicle safety has the highest importance. Given the different operating conditions, such as:
- Various speed ranges;
- Winter and summer operation;
- Raw or dry pavement;
- Is to be found the best compromise for the safety.
During the operation, and eventually each tire is exposed to many different stresses. Therefore, it is important that the fundamental conditions have been met for optimal performance tires.
Proper wheel alignment - this is one of the most important conditions to achieve optimal life of the tire. Therefore, wheel alignment should certainly be in the specified tolerance range.

Causes damage to tires and claims may be different. It is therefore very important to distinguish between what was the cause of the complaint tires or other items.
With normal wear and tear of the tire changing its performance. There may be noise from rolling and harshness turn. These phenomena are not considered defects in tires and attendant wear. They can be targeted measures to eliminate, at least partially. In certain cases, eliminate the noise of traffic on 100% fail.

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Wheels and tires
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Technical conditions for the conversion of wheels and tires

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