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Volkswagen Passat B6 (from the year 2004)

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Volkswagen Passat B6
Passat B6
Operation and maintenance of car
Wheels and tires
General information on wheels and tires
Technical conditions for the conversion of wheels and tires
Indexes of speed of tires
Markings on the disk
Composite wheels
Depreciation and divergence tires
Wear high-speed tires
Tyre service
Evenly worn tires
Measure the tread depth
One-sided wear
Diagonal uneven wear
Tire rolling noise
Radial and lateral palpation of wheels and tires
Lateral withdrawal of the car
Eliminating slip
Damage to tires
The design of the radial tire
Loss of air pressure in the tires
Damages of tires because of errors at mounting (assembly damages)
Marking the tire sidewall
Shift of wheels
General provisions for CO regulation of the axle (axle measurement), the Passat
Correction of the camber of the front axle
Adjusting the camber of the rear axle
Adjusting the toe of the rear axle
Adjusting the toe of the front axle
Passat with the 2006 model year
Checking the paintings wear, pressure, tread depth of tires
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Steering Gear
Onboard electric

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Technical conditions for the conversion of wheels and tires

These tables separate car combinations of wheels and tires, as well as retrofitting relate solely to the original disc Volkswagen.
Admission wheels or aftermarket wheels on retrofitting is not possible using the supplied permission to complete.
Tubeless radial tires may only be operated on disks with conical zaplechnikom shelves with safe, for example round Hamp.
When using these combinations of wheels and tires is necessary to observe the corresponding tire pressure. The air pressure for summer tires indicated on the sticker on the inside of the fuel filler flap in the table or on a particular vehicle.
Sufficient distance wheels and tires to wheel housing components, suspension and brakes are guaranteed under certain permission to completing instructions under all operating conditions.
In the absence of any further information, snow chains may only be installed on the drive wheels. However, on vehicles with all-wheel drive is allowed to mount snow chains only on the front wheels, and Touareg as the rear.
On the front and rear axle should be set tires and wheels of the same size. On vehicles with all-wheel drive should be installed tires of the same manufacturer and profile protector.

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General information on wheels and tires
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Indexes of speed of tires

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