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Volkswagen Polo (from 1994 to 2001, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Polo
General Information
Greasing system
Fuel-injection systems
Ignition system
Manual transmission
The drive wheels
A steering without the amplifier
A steering with the hydraulic booster
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Heating and ventilation system
Automatic Transmission

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Volkswagen Polo (from 1994 to 2001, the year of issue)

This car has all the things that have brought success in the past: the safety of "Volkswagen", high quality and environmental compatibility. However, this time you are offered something more. For example, serial four-body, much more comfortable when landing in the back seat. Increased capacity of the luggage compartment. The rest of the Polo, as well as any "Volkswagen", is consistent with your expectations: this also applies to the variety of standard equipment, and a choice of engines. If you want to get your Polo looked particularly sporty, more comfortable and elegant, you can choose any of the proposed set of interior equipment.

Saloon car provides a high potential for safety and comfort.

Diagonally-waist belts mounted on both front seats, provided with vertical adjustment and equipped with emergency tensioning devices, tensioning the belt tight in a critical situation.

Surprises, of course, pleasant, found in different parts of the passenger compartment. For example, both sunscreen panel mounted bathroom mirror.

To accommodate the many details, as usual we catch on a long journey, serve ware niches and pockets provided in the design of doors, seats and dashboard area.

All fit. The bottom and the walls of the luggage compartment are upholstered in velvet carpet. But its main advantage - a capacity that can be increased from 455 to 762 liters (measured by the method of VDA - German automotive association), if you tilt the cushion and the rear seatback. This allows you to transport bulky items and long objects. In order to put the back seat asymmetrically (1: 2) partitioned cushion and backrest.

The machine is easy to breathe. To do this, provided chetyrehrezhimnaya heating and ventilation system. A special filter traps dust and pollen, thus clearing the air entering the cabin from the outside.

Nice to sit behind the wheel. Height-adjustable steering column is adjusted growth driver so that he felt more comfortable and convenient.

Everything's under control. In addition to the mounted on the dashboard speedometer inset, counter and total odometer and electronic clock with digital display is fitted as standard tachometer.

Automation beep reminds of the need to keep the battery and turn off the lights - if you have not done so to remove the key from the ignition.

Anti-theft lock is activated by a coded ignition key. Without this key starts the motor is practically impossible. The lock works on automatic control system of the engine and therefore is recognized by insurance companies.

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