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Volkswagen Polo (from 1994 to 2001, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Polo
General Information
Greasing system
Fuel-injection systems
Ignition system
Manual transmission
The drive wheels
A steering without the amplifier
A steering with the hydraulic booster
Steering gear
Replacing steering rod
Work on the system, power steering
Adjusting the steering gear backlash
Replacing belt power steering pump
Removing and installing parts of the hydraulic drive power steering
Removing and installing power steering pump
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Heating and ventilation system
Automatic Transmission

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A steering with the hydraulic booster

Steering with the hydraulic rack and pinion mechanism and is standard or custom. It has a constant ratio and is equipped with collapsible steering column. Steering and power steering pump can not be repaired and replaced in case of damage.
Compared with the steering, not equipped with an amplifier, power steering mounted differently: used for mounting brackets with rubber support pads. Fig. 249 shows a steering mounting.

Details steering
Fig. 249. Details of steering: 1 - hinge right tie rod; 2 - nut 50 Nm; 3 - fixing collar; 4 - Case; 5 - fixing collar; 6 - the right steering rod; 7 - nut 35 Nm; 8 - the lever; 9 - hinge left tie rod; 10 - the left steering rod; 11 - bolt 30 Nm; 12 - bracket with inserted nuts; 13 - Rubber insert; 14 - steering; 15 - the adjusting screw; 16 - Self-nut; 17 - a sealing ring; 18 - Union nut, 30 Nm; 19 - a tube return line; 20 - banjo bolt, 30 Nm; 21 - a sealing ring; 22 - tube pressure line; 23 - a lining; 24 - hex bolt, 30 Nm; 25 - universal joint

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