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Volkswagen Sharan (from 1995 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Sharan
VR6 engine
The two-liter engine (ADY)
Engine oil
A fuel injection system VR6 engine
The system Simos injection 2.0-liter engine
The ignition system
Manual 5-speed gearbox
The drive shafts
Power steering
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Adjust the brake system
Disc brakes front wheels
The brakes of the rear wheels
Machining of brake discs
The main brake cylinder
Removal and installation of the main brake cylinder
Repair of the main brake cylinder
Check of the vacuum brake booster
Bleeding the brakes
Parking brake
System ABS (Antilock Braking System)
Diesel engine
The lubrication system of the diesel engine
The cooling system of the diesel engine
The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
Map service.

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The main brake cylinder

Brake master cylinder converts mechanical force applied to the pedal, and a fluid pressure is to simultaneously create pressure in both circuits the hydraulic actuator when the pedal is depressed.
In all versions of the car double-cavity Sharan set brake master cylinder with a serial arrangement of the pistons. The main body of the master cylinder reservoir is mounted in the filler neck which sensor is installed emergency brake fluid level.
When you press the brake pedal pressure is created simultaneously in both circuits hydraulically by two pistons of the master cylinder: pressure piston (nearest to the push rod) drive circuit "left front - right rear brake" and the intermediate piston drive circuit "right front - left rear brake ".
The main brake cylinder and can not be repaired in case of failure is replaced by a new one.

If you need to brake suddenly become a much larger force, and braking distances become longer, the reason for this is almost certainly a failure of one of the brake circuits of the drive.

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Machining of brake discs
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Removal and installation of the main brake cylinder

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