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Volkswagen Touareg (from 2003 to 2006 year)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Volkswagen Touareg
Operation and maintenance of car
Preliminary checks on the car
Mechanical part (petrol engines 3,2 L)
Mechanical part (petrol engines 4,2 L)
Mechanical part (Diesel 5,0 L)
Removing and installing subframe
Pressurization system (diesel engines)
Cooling system (petrol engines)
Cooling system (diesel engines)
Lubrication (petrol engines)
Lubrication system (diesel engines)
Injection System (petrol engines)
Fuel injection system (diesel engines)
Exhaust system
Fuel System (beninovye engines)
Replacing the fuel filter
Pumping fuel from the tank
Removing and installing the module fuel, fuel level sensor and ejection pump
Check power pumps
Electronic control of engine power (electronic throttle actuator)
Absorber with activated charcoal (cars with the letter designation of the engine AZZ, BKJ, BMV, and BRJ)
Absorber with activated charcoal (cars with the letter designation of the engine BAA and BMX)
Steering mechanism
On-board electrical
Plans electrical

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Replacing the fuel filter

The fuel tank must be empty.
Fuses 13 and 14 should be removed from their nests.

The order of performance of works

Place cutting carpet
Fig. 2.308. Place cutting carpet

Cut the carpet to the left from point A to point B in the pre-incised site (Fig. 2.308).

Nuts cover
Fig. 2.309. Nuts cover

1 Remove the screws fastening the cover (Fig. 2.309).
If necessary, remove the bearing attachment arm 2 or the support bracket.
Unscrew the retaining ring with a key T10202 from the left flange of the sensor.
Remove the flange on the left side of the fuel tank.
Remove the fuel from the fuel filter housing.
Mark the mounting position of a colored pencil filter cover 2.

Nuts cover attachment filter
Fig. 2.310. Nuts cover attachment filter

Disconnect the wire 1 and the mass filter unscrew the lid (Fig. 2.310) from the shell.
When replacing the filter liner bend the findings of the connection weight and check that they were quite strained.

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Pumping fuel from the tank

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