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Nissan Patrol (from 1988 to 1997, the year of issue)

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Nissan Patrol
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Nissan Patrol (from 1988 to 1997, the year of issue)

Nissan Patrol - model off-road vehicles with rear or all-wheel drive. Throughout the world Patrol cars are popular as professional SUVs. Model history has lasted for more than 50 years and employs more than one generation of the car.

The name of Patrol first appeared in 1951 and belonged to the then very simple in design to the first Japanese SUV modeled after the legendary JP, Land Rover and employees for the needs of the army and police. It was primitive, but sturdy car with an open body. From his American counterpart modernized car apparently differed full windshield, some other solution "Chuck" and isolated from the outside world salon. This model has got blind sides and doors with plexiglass portholes. Moreover, as the material used does not tilt, and more pleasant to the touch leatherette. The basis of the car was a tough spar frame with dependent front and rear suspension. AWD transmission without center differential with a connected front bridge was completed with 3-speed manual gearbox and chain "razdatkoy" with two rows of gear ratios. Under the hood of the car installed four-liter six-cylinder in-line petrol engine with capacity of 85 liters. a.

In 1960 the number of Nissan debuted more comfortable 60 series. Body Patrol 60 series have become a two-door hard (like hardtop), while remained archaic as our UAZ, front panel with undisguised metal cladding, body side flat and isolated in separate from the bonnet front wings plumage. For the first time engineers have prepared two versions at once. First, the short version, wore designation G6 and had a wheelbase of 1200 mm. while the body length of 3779 mm could accommodate four people. The base of the second model was extended to 2500 mm and assigned index VG6. This version has a body with a length of 4240 mm thanks to a folding benches located along the boards, can accommodate up to eight people. And, when in fact not a small mass of 1810 kg in the car, in addition to the full set of passengers, take on board more and serious weight luggage. Technicians 60 Series, by and large, the changes are not affected. Significant improvements have touched a power unit instead of 6-cylinder petrol engine in the engine compartment Patrol put the same row "Six", only diesel. Moreover, the working volume increased to 3956 cubic meters. cm. Its initial capacity was 125 liters. from. But in 1965 it increased to 135 liters. from. With such a heavy SUV available power could reach speeds of 125 km / h. This model is made in 60-70gg, but with a slight increase in carrying capacity of the body, roomy interior and trunk 1968 Total Patrol 60 Series went the stocks of the company for 20 years.

At the end of 1979 NISSAN has released an entirely new model all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicle Patrol, which has become the most popular of all existing generations of this model. It was a series of 160 (Patrol R, MQ). In 1980, this car was introduced in Europe, in France, at the Paris Motor Show. The body design and propulsion thoroughly modernized: instead of the old square compartment appeared the same in shape, but very modern (for the beginning of the 80's) body with square optics, who had a three-and five-door versions. In addition to single-row four-liter diesel "six" added for the European market similar to the petrol unit. In Japan, the Patrol offered in versions with 2.8, 3.0, and with the 4.5-liter petrol. In 1981 in Europe on sale cars with a short wheelbase, equipped with 3.3 liter six-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engines 95 hp In addition, the replacement of the old "mechanics" prepared 4-speed fully synchronized gearbox. The market was also suggested Patrol, was released under the brand Ebro, issued by Motor Iberica in Spain. It was set Perkins diesel volume of 2.7 liters, and later - 2.8 liters. Subsequently, the Spanish Patrol equipped with different engines, including a four-cylinder 2.8-liter diesel engine, as well as NISSAN, and others. Later, sale of machines, produced in Spain, as well as in Japan under the brand NISSAN, was discontinued. However, in Iran, where in 1985 began production license 160 Patrol, they are doing so far.

Shortly after the Patrol 160 model, the company has prepared a replacement in the person of the new 260-series (Patrol 260). Version 1983 model year only slightly retouched, replacing the round square headlights and a slightly ennobling body. In appearance of both cars had a lot in common, even though 260 series raised more powerful bridge, causing load was 300 kg more. New Patrol, like its predecessor, was offered in short and long wheelbase versions. Moreover, there were options for low and high roof, whose top could be either an iron or a plastic removable. In addition to the petrol four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.8 liters and six-cylinder diesel engine in volume of 3.3 liters (with and without turbocharging), a completely new six-cylinder 2.8 liter turbocharged diesel engine, has a number of technical innovations. The new engine in the crankshaft rotation speed of 4400 rev / min developed by a turbocharged 115 hp, and without it - 93 hp Production of some modifications 260 series also continues Spanish Nissan so far, with minor changes.

With the advent of the industrial scale Nissan Model 260 Series is the company began to actively participate in a variety of rally-raids. In 1984, the Patrol in nezachetnom diesel class won the legendary rally Paris - Dakar, and a year later repeated his success. Generally, with this car associated with the beginning of numerous sporting successes NISSAN - for years Patrol remained almost the sole leader among SUVs, winning prizes in numerous rallies.

Later, picked up the baton wins Patrol Y60, and who had a second, more common name GR - capital letters of the two words and the Grand Raid ("Great Roads") - the car appeared in 1988. In Japan, it was referred to as Safari - in memory of the successes in the field of rally-raids. Patrol GR (Y60) is a car equipped with more and more comfortable, distinguished by a number of features. It is a wider track, and as a result, wheel arch extensions, power clutch, differential lock, rear disc brakes. Wheelbase traditionally varied in length, and the roof height. Instead of archaic springs bridges were put on the spring, although spring version existed. Coil-spring suspension is more comfortable than on the leaf springs are installed on all previous models. The five-door Patrol offers a spacious cabin, but for driving on rough terrain korotkobazny tyzhelo three-door version is more suitable. On cars set inline 2.8-liter six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 115 hp or 4.2 liter gasoline engine with 175 hp, aggregated including with automatic transmission.

Model Patrol GR, first shown in the autumn of 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, represents the fifth generation of flagship SUV popular series, received an index Y61.

The car body is fully updated, Patrol GR was rounded streamlined shape trends in the spirit of the time, the increased size and richer equipment. The design of the new model conveys the character of the car - a powerful, solid SUV with a high level of comfort. The appearance of the image corresponds to a severe and enduring SUV. Patrol GR can be found on the jumper on falshradiatornoy chrome grille in the form of the letter V. With an overall length of 5010 mm, width 1930 mm and height of 1855 mm (5-tidvernoy versions), the ability to overcome obstacles water depth of 700 mm and having an excellent approach and departure angle , Patrol GR is one of the most impressive and practical SUV. In addition to the extended 5-door version, there is also a 3-door version of the execution model with a short base (4395 x 1840 x 1840). Patrol has a large number of variants by Body Style: hardtop (Hardtop), wagon (Station Wagon), pickup (Pickup), cargo-passenger van (Van), with a standard and an increase in the body.

The body of a fully converted enhance and strengthen the deformable collisions zone. As a result of improved shock characteristics, especially in a frontal collision. Changes in body and chassis also include a wider front and rear track to improve stability, increased by 100 mm depth to overcome water obstacles (700 mm) longer stroke front suspension and an increased departure angle. The maximum allowable bank angle increased to 48 degrees (44 degrees to the previous model). In addition, Patrol GR V generation, like its predecessors, offers a choice of rear-wheel driving mode on normal roads or all-wheel drive in heavy traffic conditions. Switching these modes can be done while driving. Transfer gearbox allows the driver to switch to a downshifting in impassable places, and the rear-slip differential is a standard equipment, or can be substituted for the rear differential lock is forced as an option. Technical improvements ensure high stability Patrol GR on the highway and off-road conditions. Patrol GR was the first European car with switchable stabilizer bar. When driving on the road included a stabilizer provides stability and passenger comfort by preventing body roll. When driving off-road off the stabilizer allows for maximum movement of the wheels relative to the body, improving traction.

The new body provides a comparison with the old several significant, though imperceptible at first glance the benefits. Thanks to the new technology of lenses, a beam of light from the headlights of the new Patrol GR has a spread angle of 60 degrees (36 degrees instead of its predecessor). increased rigidity of the struts and, accordingly, the maximum allowable load on the roof - now on the roof rack can be loaded 200 kg of cargo. Large glass area increased visibility, uzhaty tunnel floor has reduced the shift towards pedals. In general, the body became more spacious inside - and at the level of the legs and shoulders the passengers and in the boot. High driver's seat allows him to see the possible danger from afar, while steering with the hydraulic booster provides a vehicle stability at high speeds and precise steering.

As for the interior, the new Patrol took over directly from its predecessor only a very good chetyrehspitsevy steering wheel. But it is located closer to the driver, which in addition to the adjustment of the steering column tilt, seats are comfortable with decent side support and good pedal assembly arranged with dead pedal does the driver fit the natural and almost a "passenger". Cute door panels, center armrest, a beautiful front panel with recessed into concise and easy to read instrument cluster - all in a good car. By order of interior can be trimmed with leather. However, for very unassuming car owners there is a cheaper version (usually diesel), although in terms of equipment and it is also far removed from their descendants. The raised rear seats have improved visibility and a feeling of space rear passengers. If short car rear passengers particularly not clear up, then in a long "train" for them is prepared separately by folding halves of a sofa, and in the trunk - two folding seats, which make the long seven-seater Patrol. The size of the luggage compartment has increased, with the new Patrol GR retained from its predecessors double, asymmetrical rear door for easy access to the luggage compartment and ease of loading luggage. You can choose from three levels of equipment - Comfort, luxury and elegance, as well as in the new Patrol GR offers a wide range of standard and optional equipment, the opportunity to install the automatic climate control system with manual or electric winch. Particular attention was paid to acoustic comfort. Noise climate systems has been reduced from 69 to 64.5 dB, including a 90% reduction in noise transmission.

On cars the 6-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel engine 2,8 D electronically controlled high pressure fuel pump (pump), with new pistons, cylinder head intake and exhaust systems, as well as other turbocharger, intercooler and radiator increase the volume. Power turbodiesel is now 129 liters. from. against the previous 113 liters. from. develops at 4000 rev / min and torque curve smoothly extends from 1500 rev / min to nearly maximum speed, reaching a peak at 235 nm at a relatively low 2000 rev / min. (in Japan and 4.2 liter turbodiesel with 160 hp and a 4.5 liter petrol engine capacity of 200 liters. with.). The maximum speed of 155 km / h.

In the summer of 1999 modernized SUV Nissan Patrol GR was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. New 3-hlitrovy diesel engine with turbo intercooling and electronic fuel injection, developing 158 hp (116 kW) at 3600 rev / min and torque 354 Nm at 2000 rev / min (5 tidvernaya version), uses a unique technology combustion M-Fire, allowing to achieve a substantial increase in the power, torque, efficiency and cleanliness and considerably reduce fuel consumption and noise level. Top speed increased to 165 km / h. On the car set five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

With regard to passive safety, the creators of the machine assure that the new body with reinforced crumple zones specially optimized in frontal crash tests with overlapping. 45-liter airbag in the steering wheel and pyrotechnic pretensioners front seat belts with electronically controlled fuses are offered to customers as standard equipment, and a 110-liter airbag for the front passenger - for a fee. Incidentally, a sensor which commands the fuses and seat cushions are now not located in the wheel and in the floor. This should reduce the tendency of the system to accidental triggering when the strong, but harmless shock, which is quite possible with off-road driving. The security system also includes four-channel ABS, which has five sensors automatically determine the character of the movement, and capable of operating at a locked rear differential; fully adjustable front seat head restraints and seat belts Nissan A / ELR rear seat, as well as the latest immobilizer NATS.

Nissan is constantly involved in off-road competitions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Multiple successful performances in the most popular international marathons talk about durability and reliability design Nissan Patrol GR. With the latest generation of the jeep company again dared to speak in rally-raids. Unlike previous years, when the emphasis was on diesel versions, this one has been prepared machine with a 4.5-liter petrol unit. In 1998 he passed the test performance. And in the next season Patrol showed good results. The success of expected riders who spoke on Patrol in the following year 2000, when a car on the Rally Paris - Dakar won the T1 class.

In 2001, the legendary SUV Nissan Patrol GR celebrated its 50th anniversary. Reliable, time-tested off-road performance, safety and comfort Nissan Patrol, repeatedly confirmed in different situations. And now Nissan is now the next update - petrol version of the legendary off-road. From generation to generation Nissan Patrol became more comfortable and luxurious. If the first fifty years ago Nissan Patrol is an analog of ascetic Army all-terrain vehicle, with an appropriate level of comfort, each succeeding generation of an order superior to its predecessor in all respects. The car grew in size, became more spacious and more powerful, to acquire all the new options, "overgrown" electronics and auxiliaries, but structurally still remained a real all-terrain vehicle.

The appearance of a new Patrol GR 4.8 is slightly different from previous versions of the SUV. A new more aggressive front bumper with integrated fog lights in it. Chrome fascia grille is now a new form. Shiny metal and covered with exterior door handles and mirrors. There were wide steps. About destination Nissan Patrol does not have long to wonder: all kind car demonstrates that his element - impassable jungle, quicksand, viscous swamps and broken dirt roads.

Technical improvements ensure high stability Patrol GR on the highway and off-road conditions. Patrol GR was the first European car with switchable stabilizer bar. When driving on the road included a stabilizer otvechavet for stability and comfort of passengers, despite the possible body roll in cornering Patrol behaves very stable and reliable. When driving off-road off the stabilizer allows for maximum movement of the wheels relative to the body, improving traction. At the heart of the car still is a powerful spar frame. Pendants though remained dependent, but now as an elastic element is not used kondovaya spring, but more sensitive and gentle spring. AWD transmission also has undergone significant changes: the front axle is now connected on the go and without any manipulation of the hub locks.

The new Patrol GR equipped with modern facilities and is characterized by rational organization of interior space. The five-door Nissan Patrol GR in three rows of seats can easily accommodate seven people. The third row can be removed, or, like the second row folded 50/50, providing more space for luggage. However, with a substantial amount of luggage - 2287 liters - may well argue numerous "glove compartments", pockets and even taynichki that abundantly scattered through the cabin. Beauty is only leather, perforated like a steering wheel. More on the steering wheel with inserts "under the tree" - key cruise control and radio. Convenient and intuitive layout of control devices. The instrument panel with the ignition off - black, almost opaque glass. It is enough to turn the ignition key - and "white moon" light begins to illuminate dials, bright scarlet - arrows. Under most radio directly on the center console - CD-changer for six discs. The climate control - retaining filter poplar fluff and exhausts "Icarus". There is even a separate management of the air flow directed to the rear sofa - at the request of passengers it can strengthen or stop altogether. The interior is equipped with electric seat adjustment and heating.

The company equips the European version of Nissan Patrol GR latest petrol engine of 4.8 liters. capacity of 245 "horses" in conjunction with a torque of 400 Nm, which heads the list of improvements designed to prepare the legendary Patrol GR to new market conditions and the requirements of the modern buyer. As previously Patrol GR completed a three-liter turbodiesel engine with direct fuel injection. Powerful top version differs from others by the fact that it is equipped with a five-step "automatic" with manual switch - also, incidentally, a very expensive and rare is optional. And this "machine" does try to make sure that the engine was at any time in the zone of optimal speeds. If you can not have "automatic", you can do it yourself - rocking lever to the left, switch to manual mode, where the transmission lever of change swaying back and forth. Even on the broken dirt road "Patrol" easily accelerates to 100 km / h, free jumping through all the obstacles and not really "thinking" before the pits.

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